“My Hero Academia” has become one thing that people glorified it and become one of the favorites of almost all Americans love this series both the anime fans and non-anime fans. Its popularity as one of the anime which always anticipated by many people is one of those who doesn’t need to be questioned again. While being successful in the past year and going up and up again, I think “My Hero Academia 3” doesn’t show us something new as well as the second season except the introduction of the League of Villains members for half and our heroes who have to develop more again. But, it doesn’t make me into it in this season apart from this is the one which I enjoy too. Not to mention the movie was recently aired after the two last episode which introduced the Big 3, “My Hero Academia” still shows many other heroes not just focusing on that, but other characters.

The third season recaps a little thing what happened in the second season so that viewers recall more all the characters and after the post-event. While “My Hero Academia” has become something cliche such as shounen anime in general, but the cliche is in a good way. The first half of the show retells class 1-A in the first semester to go training in a camp in a forest under the Pussycats. Now, this gets started when all of the heroes were in an invasion by the League of Villains but this is just the beginning. We are introduced to other villain characters along with their strengths and characteristics.

Now, I just need to say that the first half of the show which we can also see All for One fighting and further revealing the background of All Might, the second half of the show is in a low-tone little by little except for the second fight of Deku against Bakugo. Besides, I don’t seem to enjoy the end of the story too much even though they also had time to tell that the fourth season was still upcoming. And, I also understand more with other characters, especially Bakugo, which is so difficult for me. I understand what’s in his mind so it’s really hard to come with the third season. The humor is still there and I think the main plot of the show introduces many new things like the beginning of them being real superheroes and reaching their dreams. The element of drama still exists, especially the relationship between Deku and Bakugo is more into friendly, trusting and covering each other even though it is only at the final two or three episode, if I’m not mistaken, of the story.

“My Hero Academia” still shows the same thing and the artwork is still held by studio Bones. It has a colorful way that they color the design of the characters both the hero and the villain in unique ways along with the new heroes besides the U.A. but from other academics too. The action still takes the cake especially the choreography not only that but how the heroes can take an action in the form of planning and etc. Explosion everywhere, here, and there. The background keeps adjusting along with everything so it adds more dramatic concepts and the environment background. Same as the soundtrack which adds and brings similarity and familiarity where you don’t always forget. The theme songs both opening and ending are quite memorable yet decent but it’s still nice.

While I think I’m not too interested in Deku and the gangs, even Todoroki, who is my favorite character here, aren’t too focused anymore. Bakugo, on the other hand, became the major point and conflict, especially the first half of the show during his rescue. There is some conflict from within and the agenda if the heroes begin to divide a bit along with professional heroes who are starting to not trust each other and by society. Back at the Bakugo, he is the one which it’s really hard for me to understand his feelings until this season and I finally care why he is the one who takes the consequences but doesn’t want to open it. He is arrogant, but on the other hand, Deku finally really understands his way of thinking so they don’t get along to be more open at first. That’s some real bromance, dude. I mean, I’m not into it too. All Might, on the other hand, is the symbolic character of the superhero which we seeing the circumstance that must make him retire is really some big hit from all the heroes including Deku who must be his successor. The fight between All for One versus All Might is one of the best in this season along with the second fight that opens feelings between Deku and Bakugo is one we cannot be missed. Apart from that, other characters like Koda are one of the most important of Deku’s feelings about what the superhero really is. Other characters besides Deku, it didn’t give anything that could only be seen from this season because there were so many things which they get rid of it including Ochako.

The first half of the show is indeed something not too boring until the second half of the show which they seem to reduce a little except the second fight. We got some emotional scenes, actions, tension, training arc, and even the exam arc which some tells a filler a bit in the middle of an arc but not too annoying just looks ridiculous. It’s predictable but it’s a shounen and the result is that I don’t say it too much if it’s quite dull. We got the intermission before the fourth season and the movie. In a nutshell, this new season starts with some tension and emotional coaster at the first half of the show but the second half is the same as the second season which shows the developments of our superheroes even though it’s one of the most important parts of it besides the League of Villains only appeared at first.

“My Hero Academia 3” is like a rollercoaster but it looks like an upside-down which is initially fast but ends slowly. It’s a normal roller coaster in addition to the many characters that are slightly removed from their individual roles and don’t show too much which fills the story such as in the second season. The art is still great along with the soundtrack that supports all the scenes, both emotional, action, tension, and etc. In general, “My Hero Academia” finally becomes a series that can survive with other shounen anime and become something cliche but in a good context both from any concept and all. And now, we got the movie which just aired in theaters until then we are still waiting for the fourth season.

77 /100
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