Tenrou: Sirius the Jaeger is probably the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the words ''It's fine but could do better''.

It's production and conceptualization was helmed by Masahiro Ando, better known as the director of the widely known animated movie - Sword of The Stranger.
And his brand of cinematography and overall flow is apparent in every aspect of the show.

The premise of the show isn't anything that has never been seen before or exceptionally original, it's the unique execution that makes it stand out, the atmosphere and the creative psuedo-victorian take on Japan that looks extremely pleasing to the eye. Though that's as far as the setting goes, it doesn't really play any major role in the overall plot and the show could easily take place at any other setting without losing anything.

The story revolves around Yuliy - a member of a secret organization called the '"Jaegers" and their goal to hunt the vampires which aligns perfectly with his interests since he has a personal agenda against the blood suckers due to a traumatic experience in his childhood.

The plot itself is extremely wavy in terms of quality - at points it can become really gripping and emotional and sometimes it's paced poorly resulting in janky progression.
For a vampire story, the vampires besides the deutoroganist of the show - Mikhail, the big brother of Yuliy are left largely unexplored and while there is a valid motive for their actions, it never really comes across as most of them are just following the guide book on how to be a generic "Muahahaha I'll kill you" villain.
And that doesn't apply to only the vampires, as the rest of the supporting cast, Yuliy's friends are just as neglected beyond their initial moments.
The show mainly plays with the dynamic between Yuliy and his brother, and to a degree with his father/son relationship with Willard.
If the show had more time, it could've developed it's entire cast and it could've paced it's main plot better.

Putting aside the story, it's the visuals that take the cake in the case of Sirius, the animation is phenomenal, fluid, with proper easing and flow and the show doesn't lose even the slighest bit of consistency in detail when they go for sakuga (high-budget, full frame animation) scenes, which is usually the case for many other anime.
The action scenes are choreographed akin to a martial arts movie and are just beautiful to look at, they're made all the more impactful due to the great use of particle effects and proper timing when it came to playing tracks from the OST.

The character designs are also great and pretty memorable, designed by the one and only Kinu Nishimura, famous for being one of the most major illustrators for the majority of Capcom's fighting games back in the 90s.
She's a primary artist for Street Fighter 2, 3 and 4 and is involved with the Capcom VS SNK games as one of 2 primary artists, as well as the Darkstalkers series.
So now you know the reason as to why the characters look so unique and cool.

The sound design is stellar, with fantastic use of sound effects and a good soundtrack which consists of a lot of epic songs that will get you pumped in the given moment. Their memorability is questionable but they're a good listen nontheless.

Overall, the world of Sirius delivers a nice short story with tons of great action but it does fall short in certain aspects and it could've been so much more. Here's hoping that there's a sequel one day, given the possibilities because of the ending and that they know what to do now that they've laid the foundations.
I do recommend watching the show, if not for the interesting dynamic between Yuliy and Mikhail then for the amazing action and animation from Masahiro Ando.

70 /100
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