500https://i.ur.com/WRaPSn4.jpg Spoilerfree review Theres not much to say about BlendS that makes it unique compared to most other sliceof life anime but thats not necessarily a bad thing. Its pretty obvious what youre getting into and if you like slice of life shows with cute girls and solid comedy this ones for you. The cast consists of a bunch of cute girls and three guys who all portray a character/personality type for their cafe but the twist is that its just that a portrayal. Most of them lean towards having the opposite personality of the character type they portray for their cafe role. Id say one of the biggest strengths of BlendS compared to other shows in the same genre is that its humor is very solid. I personally find that sliceoflife shows can get sluggish if there isnt any solid comedy thrown in to keep you engaged with the show. BlendS does this well with the two main characters who have somewhat of a romance growing throughout the show. The Manager of the cafe is constantly saying or doing some hilariously stupid shit to impress the main female character Maika. Regarding the romance between these two its pretty satisfying for a sliceoflife. While there isnt any major progression even after the later episodes teasing the possibility of it theres still some cute romantic scenes that makes you root for the success of the couple. As for the technical side of things The show is on point with animation visuals/design and music. Youve probably seen the opening already since its a meme and its one of the best openings for sure. The song is catchy and the animation is super cute. I never skipped the opening once but the ending was a different story. the ending didnt really stand out like the opening does and the song is forgettable. The overall animation quality on the show was solid and I dont recall seeing any drops in quality. I personally find the art style to be very cute and there are some good reaction image faces spread throughout the show. 500https://i.ur.com/X60igxv.png In the end Id recommend the show to anyone who enjoys sliceoflife/comedy with a hint of romance type anime. Id love a second season especially with some more meaningful romance progression. Out of 10 I give BlendS an 8.
80 /100
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