You know how when you see cute things, you wanna squeeze and cuddle and protect them? Well you see, this overloading of positive emotions in the brain is apparently called 'cute aggression' and yeah, Tamako Market definitely knows what it's all about.

Comparing this show to a mochi is honestly not too far off. It's sweet, it's soft, and the lack of what one would call a story means Tamako Market is more like a simple slice-of-life to indulge in when you want to relax. Just like mochi! It's basically an adorable escape to a joyful shopping district where the story, characters, and bubbly atmosphere take place in.

Mochi comparison aside, however, there's one main drawback when it comes to being too simple, and it's called blandness. Certain parts throughout the show, such as the dialogues and comedy, come off quite weakly. Like a very trivial trivia. The characters also didn't change much in terms of development but for this one, I didn't think it was a bad thing at all. In fact, I felt it emphasizes this show's collective fun and lightheartedness! Which pleasantly speaking, is something I greatly adored.

Look here. We have a pretty big cast of characters with each of them having their own jolly personality. There's even a talking bird who looks very much like a mochi with an attitude. Funnily enough, despite all the wisdoms he loves saying out of his beak, he always gets the shorter end of the stick, befitting himself as the main source of comedy gold. Other than that, the rest of the characters are pretty much sweethearts. They energize the atmosphere up like a festival, creating a dynamic with plenty of family and community in it. It adds more substance into a story that would've been too bland without them. And with the small romantic subplot adding one last touch on sweetness and innocence, the cuteness is definitely strong with this one.

Truly the most adorable.

Now I want to present to you Kyoto Animation, the moe-nized version. Because without their artistic love, Tamako Market wouldn't have become the cute and lighthearted show I enjoyed watching. The bright use of colors here sets up a cheerful tone that wonderfully fits the characters. It's a mood lavished by qualities tinged with a family aura. This show also has an animation that is full of youthful energy, giving everyone, even the adults, their own adorable sides. Ok, maybe everyone except for the bird, but he certainly knows how to pose. I can give him merits for being a pretty good entertainer, especially for an avian. Got a comedian voice too.

Speaking of voice, the overall voice acting complements the characters in a way that is both fun and friendly. When they well up with positivity, it's infectious. I could easily absorb all the emotions in the air. The soundtracks in particular are very playful and sweet-sounding. They blend nicely with each scene and there are even times when you can feel some profoundness, making certain moments more special in a hearty way. One last pleasant thing from this show is the playful opening and warm ending. Both are tuned with a catchiness that really fits what this show is all about.

So, in the end, Tamako Market didn't hold back in attacking me with a lot of cuteness. While the simplicity does get bland at times, it's still a show that knows how to please, like a welcoming community. And it has mochi too! Maybe it'll make you want to eat one after every episode.

79 /100
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