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When I first saw the trailer for Happy Sugar Life, I was insanely hyped. Yandere is such a fun character type that is unfortunately rare to come across. So, when I saw a show about a super cute, pink-haired, double-bunned yandere who is obsessed with an equally cute loli, you already know that went to the top of my plan-to-watch. I'm not really sure what I expected out of the story, but what I got was a battle royale between psychopaths (mirai nikki, anyone?) all trying to win over Shio, a loli cute enough to kill for.

The show hits the ground running, starting off with a quick pace that might concern some at first, but it stays consistent for the duration of the show. Right off the bat you are shown that Satou, the pink-haired MC, is crazy. In-fact, she's not the only one. Throughout the show, almost every character that is introduced turns out to be a complete psychopath, in one way or another. After the first few episodes, It sort of felt like the yandere charm was diminished because there were so many deranged characters already that it almost made Satou the yandere seem normal somehow. This concern quickly went away however when the show started picking up and Satou starts really doubling down on her yandere side.

The story starts off with a lot of mystery behind it and creates a lot of questions right away. This is a good thing though, as you're constantly looking forward to more backstory on the characters and how they all got twisted into this mess they're in. I felt this was a pretty strong point in the show, as it slowly gives you more detail without just throwing it all in the open at once. I personally grew more and more attached to the relationship between the two main characters, and with every increasingly difficult situation they got into, I started getting that uneasy feeling as I wondered how they will get themselves out of it.

On the technical side of things, the show left me quite impressed. The art style is done well while portraying both super cute, and super creepy scenes and faces. The animation didn't have any major drops in quality that I noticed, though there weren't very many scenes that demanded much, animation-wise. The music was definitely strong. It took me a few episodes to warm up to the opening, but once I did I really started to enjoy it. The OP has a really cool vibe to it that captures both the super cute and creepy tones of the show. The ending song is also enjoyable and serves as somewhat of a cooldown after watching some crazy shit go down in each episode (a few episodes have after-credit scenes, by the way).

Simply put, Happy Sugar Life is a FUN show to watch, with some cute, crazy girls and enjoyable character traits. It definitely doesn't have the best writing, and some scenes were so ridiculous that they kind of killed the vibe that was always building up, but there were a lot of twists and reveals that caught me off guard, and the show was good at building up suspense up until the end. If you want to watch a spooky cute yandere defend her loli, no matter the cost, you should enjoy Happy Sugar Life.

75 /100
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