“Prison School” doesn’t seem to be the same as the anime adaptation. While the anime is a little bit of it, although there are also some people who don’t really like it, “Prison School” is as infinity and beyond. It’s beyond its genre, one of the genres and the most favored by the community, especially the majority of men. The genre itself doesn’t need to hold back when they wanna show it but the anime shows it without anything holding it back and that’s what I like about the anime although it’s not one of my types and I’m doing that because of research; there is no other intention. Initially, I was surprised by how many responses to the manga were hated by fans and one of the main factors of why it could happen is because of the unexpected and worst plot-twist ending ever. It’s pointless and it’s meaningless about it. Besides, the manga is pretty good after the anime while the rest of it, what I disappointed from this manga is that the author is trying so hard to do the jokes, have a meaningless character development, although the first is kinda promising and as I say, because of the ending. “Prison School” is no longer one of the same as the philosophy of boobs and ass but it’s more into the philosophy of how to be a freedom when someone has pissed you right in front of your face; that’s what many people feel about after finished this piece.

While I read it after the anime, after the group of perverted boys managed to get out of prison, Mari Kurihara and friends sent into the prison through the new student council led by Kate Takenomiya whose schoolmate of Mari. The first act of the story, as the anime is shown, is one of the best because of the build-up and the humor. It’s combined with anything to do with what ecchi really is. It’s combined something like adult thing but connects it with a very smart concept that it seems so funny yet fantastic. Therefore, it’s not one of the manga you can read in public or for certain people. While the second act of the story, it seems like it’s poorly writing. At first, it was promising because we learned a lot about how Meiko and Mari Kurihara had been in the past. In addition, we learn a lot about Hana Midorikawa, her deepest feelings for Kiyoshi and the past they have lived with Mari. It’s interesting but there is a little difference.

The story went downhill constantly with its own humor. Besides, there is a quite nice relationship between Kiyoshi and Mari which I thought that it would be a good sub-plot for the next chapters. But, I expected too much. Kiyoshi with his characteristics and personalities that beyond the limits becomes the major background and it comes from nowhere. The story didn’t bring what’s the unique part between those. We don’t have anything to do with the plot that seems repulsive over and over again and other characters seem to be pushed aside from Kiyoshi. Instead, some kind of unexpected humor turns out there are still ridiculous like the gay misunderstanding relationships between Takehito and Jouji which I think is funny and hilarious. Shingo seems no longer something like the first act because I like this character of how the author made it as a trigger and a messed up character to further grown the conflicts. Besides, it’s nothing to do with him. Reiji is a strange character and I don’t really find out what’s most important to deal with the story in addition to the sub-plot. Moreover, there is kind of sweet yet weird relationship between Risa and Reiji and I think that Risa is a little cute heroine in this manga because its development but we don’t really care what makes it important. At least, it makes both of them get a happy ending.

Takehito was a serious one because he is a character who has an important role besides Kiyoshi along with Mari and her friends. In the end, there is a friendship from a group of people who initially enemies become friends; and finally become an “enemy” again. There is a sub-plot from Takehito as well which sometimes cover several plot holes and unfunny moments but sometimes they are the opposite. There is a side story from Mari’s dad which only acts as a filler from a story that has nothing to do with it. It’s brought in an absurd and strange way but it only fills with a part of the chapter. Some kind of unexplained thing like why all the boys get together doesn’t mean anything whatsoever and that also doesn’t seem to give any obvious reason of a rocket plastic or something like that they consider as God but not. It seems the humor is really trying so hard to be as humor itself besides Reiji as the character that I don’t really understand. Hana, at first, I think would be a type of bad guy turns good character. However, the author seems to do that; for certain reasons. I don’t really understand about this heroine which the relationship between Kiyoshi is actually good enough to improve many more sub-plots besides Kiyoshi’s deepest feelings. It’s gone because we never know a real reason she has on Kiyoshi. Does she love Kiyoshi so she feels jealous of Kiyoshi’s feelings? Is she jealous of Chiyo that Kiyoshi doesn’t deserve? Does she hate men? You’re stuck in such a philosophy about a mind game but you never know the answer because the author is like you have to use your imagination, interpretation, or high IQ to understand this character.

Meiko is a character with its own story and I started to care about this character because of her psychology and background. But, it messed up with other main characters how this character was mocked. There is an exaggerated moment about her, but it’s just become awkward and ridiculous. It didn’t really stick with the main plot and it felt like, we also started to forget this character as well. There are also changes from Mari’s character which I think will be even better when this character also becomes the major but it doesn’t seem. There is anything that explains why this character immediately turned away, why did she leave everything without any reason, why, why, and why. In the end, Kate is a good person in this manga. And I wanna say one more time: the ending sucks so much. Forgetting everything from the beginning from the end or building it from scratch to destroy it until the end doesn’t mean that it’s a plot-twist. If you want to make a plot twist, at least you shouldn’t ridicule your readers so they would love your works which become meaningful.

“Prison School” seems to end with a steep derivative. At the onset, it was deliberately so slow because of the over-textualized but it’s a suicide roller coaster you’ve ride. The art is excellent but there is no transition between the main plot with the side plot. The artwork style is so detailed and there is no blur thing or something like that. I mean, I’m a guy who wants to find some research too. The first act of the story is unique, hilarious, and there are main points of it while the second act of the story seems to be just impressed at the beginning but it meaningless at the end. I’m not one of those people who will take this manga seriously but there are some people who say that the ending is worse than Jun Maeda’s “Charlotte” which I started to think like that. Besides how this manga seemed has an interesting concept at the beginning, I had to be able to hold it back how this manga fairly made me a little angry and annoyed. Aside from, “Bunny Drop” isn’t one of them.

64 /100
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