So, I watched 74 episodes so far, I was realizing more and more how it kinda irritates me for certain reasons.

Boruto annoys me and not because of what happened in the beginning when he didn't respect or understood his dad, Naruto; I understood the reasons for that. I think it's how how they are developing his character. He's cocky and unruly (I know that's a bit harsh to say but that's how I feel right now). The reason for this is he doesn't think of this consequences of his actions like time of the chunin exams when he used the ninja tools fully aware that he was cheating, getting into his situations that could get him killed but that plot armor protecting him and the recent one when he tries to find Mitsuki fully aware that the Hokage (Naruto) issued an order that anyone who leaves the village is going to classified as a rogue ninja. When Naruto was chasing Sasuke he at least had permission to do so as a mission to bring him back. Boruto doesn't get punished at all from these decisions even though he should have been.

Nostalgia is another one. Because its essentially a sequel of NARUTO, I can't help but compare it. I keep wanting to see more the old characters again and see them getting some action. While its a peaceful time, I don't think Boruto and the rest of the new generation are going to be stronger than the old ones because the harsh training they used to have. You have to had noticed that the chunin exams were a joke compared to the previous ones. Genins risk their lives in those exams and this one didn't have an epic tournament arc at all.since the only one who seemed to be close to the strength from back then was Gaara's son. They tried to do similar things that happened in Naruto at the end too. And the major upset was how they tried to fit Boruto in the fight with Momoshiki, who wasn't even as strong as Kaguya. Sasuke probably noticed Boruto's special ability to teleport the rasengan but that wasn't the reason he brought bring him to the fight. Think about it, why would you bring a 'genin' to fight a powerful foe like that and they purposely lessen Naruto's power at the time so they could find a way to give Boruto recognition. Not trying to say it was a bad idea but if Sasuke had said he had planned on Boruto's ability to defeat the enemy then it was going to be a great strategy and reason to bring him but he didn't.

There's a bit more but those are the two main reasons. Its hard to not compare Naruto to Boruto and It feels like I'm trying to find the same sensation of Naruto from Boruto which lessens my enjoyment even though I try not to. So, I decided to stop watching for the time being or until he becomes a teen when the story furthers on and things changed.

60 /100
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