History (4/10):
On the edge of the French Revolution from the point of view of the family of executioners in the service of Paris.
The premise is quite good, not any historical manga comes to touch this issue and more from the original point of view that is from the Sanson family, known very well in French history as the death angels that brought bad luck to those who They were surrounded, Innocent begins telling the story long before the French Revolution exploded based mainly on who will be the protagonist of the story "Charles-Henri Sanson" from the beginning hating the family office to become the head of the family, although the manga is not 100% true to the story and has original content from the author but still maintains the main events and strongly realistic setting of what is the dark era of France that consists of everything dark, depraved, bloodthirsty, sexual and cruel that was the time .. Although, history follows the main events and is preparing things for the French revolution is when the problems begin more of the same manga, first presents characters that seem "important" to never show them again in the remainder of the manga (there are many examples but I will cite one specifically that would be "the son of Damiens"), the manga also love to present historical figures of that time every time but also return to the same to present them for a single moment in specific and never show them again in the remainder of this manga, do not close any plot-point in the whole manga just to leave it in the sequel, the last time skip in which the manga participates before finishing is the accumulation of all the problems that before indicated and more by the fact that the participation of Charles is relieved by giving camera to Maria Anttoinette that in itself not It's bad that but she's pretty boring when she has focus protagonist.
For the cake cherry the last 10 chapters are those that transform the manga a "Clusterfuck" presenting a character that in the 99 chapters we had never seen and tell us that it is the love of all life of Marie, shortly after appears to the next chapter everything that had been achieved is destroyed and end up killing to leave it in cliffhanger in the last chapter .. Pretty fucking shit

Characters (5/10)
I mention it right here, the only character that is genuinely good is Charles, has a very good development since its inception with ideals of his youth hating the work of his family to the point of becoming like his father, all the moments in which he stars the scenes are the best thing that has to offer "Innocent" from then on is also Marie who is justified that is a shitty personality and her actions that take course in the story have meaning around breaking the stigma of her family, here the problem with Marie is that her character in the last time skip her personality reaches a maximum point of being annoying, when she was still a girl you can enjoy her participation in the protagonist focus but when she reaches adulthood she becomes the worst character in the manga, not I mention all the other characters because they have no relevance except Maria Antoniette but her appearance is until the last part of the manga, hence nobody else matters

Art (10/10).
I will not extend, I'll say it simple and concise, art is the best aspect of the manga and the author has an excellent use of panneling as well as his visual metaphors

Enjoyment (7/10).
Enjoyable and interesting experience, it is an entertaining manga although I would not recommend it and more because you have to swallow all the open plot points and the horrible ending to read the sequel that closes all

Overall (4/10).
It is a manga that leaves everything for the next part without concluding anything and that the only good thing is its protagonist and the realistic setting

40 /100
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