The first statement you shall assure about this anime is: never believe the cover. It’s full of lies, twist, and something that is at least you better don’t take it seriously. “Asobi Asobase” isn’t as popular as other anime in that season but this anime has a strong comedy for each episode from the first episode to the end. It’s more than a twist, a comedic like a comedy in general, a masterpiece for its genre. The execution is something that becomes a benchmark, a genuine expression, exaggerated way, and the support from the seiyuu who’ve performed so phenomenally from their straight face, solid, fast-talking, until holding back laughter. The endless of so many references in this anime isn’t something that’s common in a comedy or even any anime in general, but “Asobi Asobase” is a real one satisfying, although not something that’s perfect too.

What makes the comedy is good? The puns? The exaggeration? Or the way the execution? The rest of the humor in this anime is almost used in various aspects just like “Nichijou” or “Hinamatsuri” which is both comedy anime that I admit the comedy is really funny and perfect in every episode because of the way its execution. Although not all episodes in this anime are said to be as perfect because sometimes, the humor doesn’t get too much and it only brings a slightly awkward and dull impression. The rest of “Asobi Asobase” offered doesn’t give rise to too much of the existing cringe thing because, in fact, it’s the character whose cringe in a good context. The story isn’t something that you don’t need to take it too much because this is just your ordinary slice of life or comedy school anime in general. It’s divided by various content or at least, chapter. Rather, the characters themselves are really cheating on each other between the audience. Initially, you got some nice cute little moments from the opening theme song and at first, I thought that this was just a cute girl doing cute things anime usually which I’ve seen it so often. You’ll be introduced to three female students who have daily life, various funny things they did, form their own club, spend many times, hanging out, and others. But what makes it like that?

First, there is Hanako Honda filled by Hina Kino, one of the characters you could make it as friends with. Her luxurious life doesn’t make him behind or become a person who has many problems from outside or inside but her stupid behavior makes her always move forward. Her life is really boring despite her mission to find something more useful later for the future with joining a lot of clubs especially tennis club, her intelligence cannot be underestimated, but the various peculiarities that exist in her make it quite difficult to believe and equated with its background. She has an assistant named Maeda, one of the people who are able to shoot lasers through his buttocks in a unique way. His humor sense with Hanako’s grandfather was really vulgar even though Maeda himself wasn’t a person like that but very much chary to Hanako in his own way which I mean “in his own way.”

Second is Olivia filled by Rika Nagae, your typical white girl foreign student who doesn’t speak English. Her life in school is really full of misunderstanding because many of her classmates who try to ask to teach English. Regardless she is a foreign stereotype, in fact, he was born in Japan. Various ways she did so that no one would try to ask her about English, including Kasumi, whatever she did so he wouldn’t get stuck in a circle he considered as an abyss. She has one otaku brother. Even though they have the same blue eyes, they seem to have no blood relations whatsoever because of their appearances. Not to mention, her running gag about her stinging body odor become one of the humor that continues to run from beginning to end.

Lastly, we got Kasumi Nomura voiced by Konomi Kohara and I think it looks like I’ve seen this character, somewhere from other anime. In fact, it’s Lucy Yamagami from “Servant × Service.” In addition to the anime, some I’ve seen it in other anime yet I forgot the rest. She was a little nerd but his lack of interest in communication made her more open with her two friends. Sometimes, she is shy but always calms under any circumstances. She has a weakness in English so she always asks Olivia for help regardless of the weakness. In the end, these three girls try to be in a circle that keeps circling, always doing a lot of mess things so many people are grudging even in funny ways but they never realize it and contain a lot of humor that’s unstable, unpredictable but sometimes became the mainstream like a general comedy anime.

There is some other supporting cast besides Olivia’s brother and Maeda as Hanako’s assistant like Tsugumi Aozora who is still vague about her gender, Ruu Oka with a unique appearance, her habits and hobbies like things about supernatural and magic, Fujiwara with her “unique” appearance but contrary to Olivia where she was better at English than classic literature, Seitokaichou which was her name because it was never mentioned her real name until the end of the episode, Chisato Higuchi as their tutor, and other characters. Some reference is really there such as “Detective Conan,” “Sailor Moon,” “Dragon Ball Z,” Leonardo DiCaprio, and various references related to pop culture. But, the best part of this anime is how the humor can be executed in an excessive but perfect way and the fact that all the voice actress really doing well in this anime. Like “Mr. Osomatsu,” I just don’t know how they try to hold back their laughter. They put everything out well but they also seemed to love it a bit from the way they did it. Hina Kino is one of the most fantastic in my opinion because the way her scream, speaks fast, speaks in a low tone, etc. are one of the best along with other voice actresses.

It’s underrated show from the season but worked well by Lerche studios who also work on other popular anime such as “Assassination Classroom,” “Danganronpa: The Animation,” “Musume Monsters: Everyday Life with Monster Girls,” and “Scum’s Wish.” They worked on it well thanks to the director, Seiji Kishi, who also directed “Angel Beats!,” and also “Assassination Classroom.” The visuals rather glare apart from exaggeration are the main points that lie in order to support the humor because of the facial expression from its characters. It’s kinda colorful but the palette’s color selection takes bright colors. The first opening song reminds me a bit of “Pop Team Epic” where at first I just think this is some moe shit or something like that yet it’s full of lies because it starts with a cute opening and “what the frick” moment. However, the ending is one of the things I’ll never skip even though I hear it many times. It’s combining and matching the mood of its audience after watching the contents with metalcore music like “BABYMETAL” but the distortion and the drum is a bit similar to Of Mice & Men or Memphis May Fire vibe although is kind of ridiculous compares it to international bands.

“Asobi Asobase” is the most random viewing experience. In short, you just got click baited or you just got pranked by Filthy Frank. This anime insults you, taunts you, quips you, just like what “Pop Team Epic” tries to attract many elitists so that normies are desolated away from the line. I mean, no exaggeration. The comedy is so variant and the method of execution is perfect. Some contents are sometimes a little awkward and boring for some humor but the rest aren’t like that. It’s an underrated series in the season, the one that people forget to mention because some of the anime that were so anticipated made this anime a little covered. The voice actress is one of the best because they managed to bring out their original talents with various characters. It’s full of comedy where sometimes, you can also call it for once as cute girls doing cute things anime but it’s hard to equate. “Asobi Asobase” is a workshop of fun.

93 /100
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