Clannad After story Its hard to find an anime that will not only make you cry but can shake you to your very core. Clannad AS happens to be one of those rare gems. Its a good point to notice that it clearly lives up to its name as well i.e After Story the story after the story. One thing ill say is that since Clannad AS is the sequel of Clannad and character development clearly depends on Clannad AS therefore ill assume that youve seen Clannad before watching AS. That being said lets jump into the review. 1. Story Clannad AS follows similar story as Clannad in the first half of the show i.e. the school life of Tomoya and friends. It follows arcs similar to clannad too like the story of sunohara and her sister and then Misaes back story. But it is in the second half that we come to know how cruel a show can be when it finally reveals the heart crushing story of Nagisa and and the secret about that lonely girl that doll and those lights. Clannad+Clannad AS helped in setting up just the perfect story that on breaking can even crush the manliest hearts on the planet. Besides one of the many things that Clannad AS nailed was showing the flow of time like how with the flow of time priorities shift from friends to family and like when you have someone to protect or when people depend on you then you start to do the work which you would have never wanted to before and most importantly it is when we find ourselves in the shoes of the person we once looked down upon we start to understand their feelings and perspectives and last but not the least the feeling of helplessness when the persons who mean the world to you and want nothing from you but you are taken away and you cant do anything 2. Music 1.Chisana tenohira Just one word utterly beautiful and fits just perfectly with storyline Just listening to it brings back the so called clannad PTSD 2.Shining in the sky was used in nostalgic and redeeming situations and you know how good it was when just listening to it makes you feel nostalgic. 3.Dango Daikazoku funny how even a silly song about dangos can make you cry when used perfectly. tbh it fits perfectly with nagisas character. 4.Op was good too. Now one thing people complain about is the ED and yes i agree it was unnecessary and ruined the mood. 3.Animations Yeah i know eyes are a bit much when looking at it first but you get used to it and it also becomes one of the icons of the show. Clannad AS also known as one of the best works of KyoAni and it arguably is.Character and world design closely follow that of VN and remain faithful to it. Art is amazing and fits perfectly with the pacing and mood of the show. 4.Characters Main Characters are Tomoya and Nagisa and and theyre developed really well. Side characters are given their fair share of time as well. Nagisas character is intentionally made so pure that when it breaks down then it can hurt the most.A shy but caring girl who wants nothing in return but to stay by his side for which shes ready to give her everything. Tomoyas character is also developed well. A good for nothing delinquent who hates his father and his life and whos just living because hes alive comes in touch with a girl by chance and then it changes everything as when he comes to carry the same responsibilities his father did. Nagisas parents character is also really well developed.. 5.Enjoyment When I knew this was it. I couldnt hold back anymore. In terms of enjoyment it gets a 11/10 I never cried so much in any showanimetv or anything and i feel sad even to this day when i think about it or when I listen to ost or op. Nothing is as sad and soul crushing as seeing a man helplessly losing the person he cared most for die and then recover and move on only because there is someone only he can protect and end up losing her too. And if you think there are only tragedies then let me tell you thats not the point of the show the point from the very beginning was no matter how sad it gets life must move on and it does.
100 /100
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