Part 3 Season 1 Spoilers and a fair amount of swearing ahead.

So, i'll be talking about the first season of Stardust Crusaders of course, practically just finished it and i'm about 6 episodes in Season 2 but i won't be talking about that.
I decided to watch this one instead of reading it like the previous parts, and i'll do the same with Part 4, after that i'll be back to reading like a nerd.
So, what makes this an even more bizarre continuation? Battle Tendency gave the show a much more crazier nature, with both the characters and concepts, really left me expecting not being able to expect a thing in future parts, of course, a pretty bizarre adventure, but... where's Hamon?
Of course i'd make that god damn question, i guess the power system in Jojo got a sidegrade, some may say it's an upgrade, some others, specially newcomers to the show like myself, might say it's a downgrade, but as for me, i can't really tell, i loved Hamon, it was such a good concept, kind of generic on some aspects but, really charming and they might've been able to squeeze out more out of it, but nope, here you go, the new power system, SUTANDOS!
I do like Stands, i will totally get used to not having Hamon around anymore, but it is pretty sudden. Stands give the show a chance to get so much crazier, why? Because there's no limit to possibilities anymore, Stands who punch people to Stands that are literal objects, or even a fucking Sun, i'm sure Araki takes some pretty high liberties with Stands in the future, since some buddies say that these Stands, including the ones from Season 2, are pretty weak compared to those in future parts.
Now... Jotaro, oh boy, sorry but i'm not sure about this guy yet. Jotaro is charming in his own way, he knows when to be funny and to stop being an edgelord, but for now, Jonathan is still the side bae, Joseph being the main bae ofc, so i'll give him some time, i do like him, but for now, the weaker MC yet for me.
The gang, the Stardust Crusaders, i'm not gonna lie, i love them, Jotaro is ok, Joseph, hell yeah, Kakyoin, i like him he's simple but doesn't let me down, Polnareff... what the fuck, this fucking guy, where's Pol Pol's Bizarre Adventure, i love this man, no homo ofc, Abdul, pretty bland, but he does fill in the role of serious guy in the gang, and he's got some pretty cool moments, what happened to him after getting shot though, dude, "YES I AM!", are you literally Joseph now.
And the episodic nature of this Part, it's different, reminds of shit like Ben 10, which don't get me wrong, i like Ben 10, but it's weird seeing it in Jojo, and it does give some crazy possibilities for the next villain of the day, with their wacky personalities and Stands, and it gives the Crusaders a chance to shine individually, it's pretty good and it gives them character development.

Honestly, i think this Part will the Part 1's place, and everyone says that Season 2 is so much better, so i'm sure it won't disappoint.

Thank you for reading you magnificent bastard!

70 /100
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