Kenji Tsurutas Forgetmenot is a kind of art because of such a scenery and ambient. There is something that makes me get stuck in a world of two united dimensions but it cant. Yet Kenji Tsuruta is a person who has a potential especially from this manga. Pretty aesthetic by carrying variety styles of drawing and writing in the style of American novels and some of the western culture indeed. Set in locations around Venice Forgetmenot seems to be introduced into a very colorful style at the beginning and the black and white style like manga in general. It tells about Mariel Imari a young detective with disguised skills so absurd but can adapt. She is a laid back type of girl who is a little attractive but can often control the situation. Unlike other detectives she can control a case that she has completed just a few months allowing her to become a known person around Venice. The manga takes on the elements of the Sherlock Holmesstyle mystery which dont need to be underneath with such a serious impression. The atmosphere is so pronounced the scenery the backdrop of Venice and the design of the character isnt like the Japanese manga designs in general. Its just your typical slice of life thing where you dont have anything such as theory complexity or something like that. On the other hand the humor is so weak but it gives you a few smiles. The pace is balanced because there are only seven chapters. The author doesnt seem to only expand in such a way as the background and scenery but the characters are the main points in this manga. Its kind of interesting besides Mariel. We know more about this character such as the mysteries of her father and other things. The minor cast had a chance to fill their respective roles especially Beppo who also took on many roles besides the main character. Apart from which the manga contains a lot of stuff like the mature content but is more impressed by softcore. Some also cant be said but if you want to look more at it you can try La Pomme Prisonnire which is another Kenji Tsurata works describes sex and nudity as such different levels. The color isnt only colorful for the first but I like how the author combines black and white and the color in the last few chapters where there is a bit of symbolism into it. The color returns to normal after the colorful part at the beginning of the chapter. Original and fresh some of the characters seem a little quirky and monotonous. However this is not a matter because this is only a few chapters some chapters that I think are a bit hidden. Forgetmenot has a lot of potentials if it is made up into a series or whatever. This is another artwork style with an aesthetic impression from an underrated author with his underrated works too. The art is great the scenery is so broad especially taking the backdrop of Venice the character is a little interesting but at the same time quite quirky the story that isnt too serious but very worth it for the slice of life genre with mystery and unforgettable. We have to give Kenji Tsuruta more shoutouts than this.
77 /100
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