Panty & Stocking is good. If you like my review title or chuckled when you heard the name of the show you will have an awesome time with it. Now brace yourselves; Spoilers ahead.

The basic mentality behind the whole show is "I do whatever the fuck I want". The first instance in which you can see this mentality is the humour, It's all about sex. And they don't use this loose handling of sex to (just) bring fan service into the show. The creators just like sex jokes. They don't make any comments about sexuality or bring in bizarre fetishes. It's just a bunch of sex and sex jokes.

The second instance where the creators show their "fuck everything" mentality is in the visuals. First of all, most of the time the anime looks like an american cartoon. The connection there is easy: America is more known for crudness than Japan, so of course a crude show from Japan should look like american cartoon. But they don't just stick to this on style. Sometimes they switch to hyper realistic character designs during some sexy scenes or it just switches to a style that looks like Masaaki Yuasa directed this episode. But animation alone isn't enough, sometimes they just use puppets. The show can go in crazy or really weird directions.

But the best instance of this mentality is in the symbolism. There is the obvious stuff like the last name of the main characters being "Anarchy" or the fact that they commit every sin in existence, even though they are angels. But the best part lies in depictionof the rival characters. As I said before, our main duo are angels: Beings that represent all good things in the world.Their rivals are therefore demons, commonly known as beings of pure evil. The big difference between our main duo and the rival duo is that our angels do whatever they want while the demons are obsessed with rules and imposing them on others.In japaneses dub they literally roll the "r" of the word "rules" as long as possible to highlight this aspect of the demons . Now that we heard of angels and demons, which famous rulebook comes to your mind? You got that right, the most famous rulebook of them all: The bible.

Demons, the villains of the bible itself, are obsessed with rules like radical Christians with the bible. Just like the worst kinds of religious people, they use rules to oppress others into thinking what they want them to think, killing individuality. While angels, the very beings that the bible considers as the ultimate good, are discarding all rules in existence for the sake of simplicity and, of course, sex fun.

This show embraces individuality whole wholeheartedly. It's not just an outcry against the bible, but any rules out there that restrict us from doing what we want. It's the fantasy of complete anarchy. It's only a fantasy, but by doing whatever the fuck it wants Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt can truly shine.

95 /100
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