Honestly, it's not easy to concisely describe just how vivid the second season of School Idol Project is. A beautiful outburst of the soul. A melodic magic that lifts the heart. A lyrical expression full of emotions. These words are close enough to express how I feel but really, it's better if you listen to µ's ("Muse") once more. Because as the saying goes:

"Where words fail, music speaks."

Every journey will always have a start and an end; and within it, there will always be a story. The story of µ's began as a school-saving solution, and through the passing of time, their journey is reshaped into a sincerity that speaks of passionate wonders, of incredible friendship, and of valued memories. The second season is a continuation of that. With the third-years' graduation quickly drawing near, the end of µ's seems nigh, but it doesn't stop them from making sure their last experience is a meaningful one. The next destination is the second Love Live! contest, and they will make sure to give everything they can to reach that grand stage.

This is the culmination of their experience together as a school idol group.

Most of the things the first season has are still here: the fun comedies, the expressive enthusiasm, and the adorable interactions. But to reach a bigger stage than before will require a bigger effort from each member. So this time around, we're given more of their roles as school idols, while also bringing a developmental spotlight to those who didn't get much focus from before. It continues on with unlocking each of the nine member's influence on one another. Whether it's to come up with a new song or to support the ones who want to break out of their shell, they will always be there for each other.

It's this strong focus on µ's as a whole that makes the second half of their journey more emotionally invested, particularly during the latter episodes when everything converges towards a bittersweet reality. Even in the show itself, the collective support from their school, family, and fans is enough to realize just how incredibly special the group is. At this point, they're not just there as a musical entertainment. They go beyond that—into an authentic devotion of hearts shared by everyone.

Rivals such as the sassy A-RISE knows fully well of this special ability of µ's to capture the hearts of all who sees them. It does give the Love Live! contest a bit more of a competitive side, but more importantly, it's proof that µ's has grown so much ever since the beginning. All of their charming qualities, from hard work to dedication, become a tangible routine of colorful dancing and beautiful singing. And with a better CGI animation to go along with a vibrant stage, enjoying the various performances is something that can be described as a natural immersion.

From the uplifting yet melancholic "Snow Halation" to the rosy "Aishiteru Banzai!", Love Live! can definitely pride itself with its lovable music. Many of the songs here are thematically relevant to what this season is trying to express, which is the positive message of hope and love that I'm sure a lot of you have heard already in your life before. But to be reminded of it, especially in an endearing fashion, will always be a plus side to me. As for the general visual, it's the same adorable art that I've grown to love, and I don't think that needs to change.

When I reflect back on my journey with µ's and School Idol Project, I really couldn't have asked for more. The second season, with its authentic emotions and lasting impressions, is enough to solidify the reasons why I'm their fan now and why Love Live! is a dear franchise to many people out there. If you want to be a part of that wonder as well, give µ's a listen.

Many music and memories are awaiting you.

90 /100
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