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Lupin III: Part 5

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I wouldn't necessarily call Lupin III a "great" anime series.

Lupin is a series that started somewhere around 1000 years ago and since then it has gone through many changes, I guess. The original Lupin was an average episodic comedy-based crime show about Lupin and his friends going around stealing stuff while trying to avoid being captured by the cops. Part 2 was pretty much the same, but with much more pleasing visuals and a way longer run-time at 144 episodes, though most of those episodes ranged from okay to mediocre to just plain terrible, there were a few great ones scattered throughout that make you go all like "damn, that was neat, wish every episode was like that". And Part 3 was- well, to be frank Part 3 was just plain garbage, not only is it the lowest point for the Lupin series in general but it is even down there as one of the worst anime I've had the displeasure of watching, I'd recommend ignoring/pretending that one doesn't exist for anyone planning on getting into the Lupin series. After that we didn't get a "main" Lupin series for thirty whole years, in that time we got a ton of movies and specials though... that I didn't watch yet but are probably okay, well at least a few of them have to be good at least. Anyway, after that 30 year gap we were treated with Lupin III: Part IV. Now unlike the first three parts which to put it bluntly were pretty bad, this one was absolutely amazing, the comedy was better, the visuals were great, the characters were- well they were the same characters but I like to imagine they were better in this one, and the story was fantastic- speaking of story, the first three parts of Lupin were completely episodic meaning that (aside from two-part episodes I s'pose) each episode was independent of each other but Part 4 decided to do away with that and have an actual plot, a plot that worked quite well may I add (well, aside from it getting kind of retarded at the end but whatever :/)

And after all that, 3 years later we arrive here, at Lupin III: Part V. There is a good reason why I went through all the trouble of talking about the first four parts before actually mentioning Part 5, like, the one I'm supposed to be reviewing and that reason is that Part 5 references the previous parts a lot. While each other part could be seen as its own standalone thing Part 5 plays heavily on "nostalgia" and will cram in as many easter eggs and references to previous series' as it can, even to go as far as to make entire episodes that look like they were just ripped straight out of the older series', Its actually quite neat.

Lupin III: Part V is split up into 5... was it 5? A few... Lupin Part V is split up into "a few" story arcs. Actually now that I think about it it might have only been 4... anyway the "amount" of story arcs doesn't necessarily matter, what really matters is how good they are. And oh boy are they good... okay moving on.

The art is good. Very good actually, it might be one of the most decent looking anime to come out.. this year. I give the art like an 8/10 or something which as we all know is quite a good score, WAAAAAY better than Part 3's art at least... which is a 1/10 and along with being one of the worst anime I've watched Part 3 is also THE ugliest anime out there...

The music is quite good. The OP is catchy. The voice acting is "mmmmmm, good shit" and- what else is there, sound effects, ah yes, they are beautifully average just the way I like em. I mean, this anime isn't groundbreaking or anything in the sounds department but that doesn't necessarily matter, like, at all or anything... the sound making people boyes do what they have to and that's all that really matters

Now let me tell you a little something about the characters in the anime "Lupin III"
....Lupin has really good characters... okay next...

Enjoyment, yeah, Enjoyment... the most important thing we all need to pay close attention to when we want to enjoy an anime such as this... enjoyment... yeah, I mean, I enjoyed this anime... and I'm sure most other people would too if they watched it...

Lupin the third is the perfect example of "New >> Old". While the classic series were pretty bad the modern ones were absolutely amazing. The old parts will have you saying stuff like "Ugh, when will it end?" and "I think I wanna drop this show" but the new ones would make you go all like "Man, this is awesome" and "Ugh, its gonna end?".

In the end Lupin III: Part V is an 8/10. A pretty good score if I do say so myself. I had some points I "actually" wanted to make, like, a week ago when I was binging this anime but I forgot about them :/ I should've written them down somewhere, why didn't I write them down somewhere? Well they mustn't have been too important anyway since I forgot... or maybe they didn't even exist in the first place? Why am I even reviewing this anime anyway? Well whatever, who actually cares? This is a good anime, watch it. It's probably more enjoyable if you've watched all the other parts first, you know, references and all that jazz... but I wouldn't really want to force you to watch all that garbage to get to the good part... its not like Gintama where it only gets good around 20 episodes in, this shit gets good over 200 episodes in... which is quite a lot if you don't know. I guess you could watch, like, a few episodes of the first few but the only ones I'd actually recommend are Parts 4 and 5... actually, you can probably ask Google something like, umm "Lupin III episodes worth watching" or something and it'd give you a list of Lupin III episodes that are worth watching... I didn't actually test this out myself but you know what, good luck. This has been my Lupin III: Part V review, I hope you have a fine day o/

80 /100
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