“How Not to Summon a Demon Lord” is honestly a long title. It’s just another cliche, light novel adaptation, or Isekai things. Overpowered main character? Check. Harem? Check. All the heroine love the main character? Check. Don’t have any weaknesses? Check. So, what distinguishes? This show is indeed one of the cliches where we often see it. But, I think this is more enjoyable than “In Another World With My Smartphone” and has quite different for this anime. It’s about escapism, honestly. There is no reason. Even for someone like Kirito, Diablo is a gamer who is trapped in a video game he plays.

He doesn’t have a life. It’s the same with us. After entering into a video game he played, he considered himself as a demon king from another world. That is, from that video game he plays. There is a slight difference between the game and the world he entered. That is what makes him have to learn a lot from himself. Experience many events, including improving the way he communicate with people.

A concept like this is actually no longer a new thing. “The Devil Is a Part-Timer!” is one of the opposite anime. It’s about the demon king who is in the human world. “How Not to Summon a Demon Lord” is exactly what you’re looking for those of you who only like typical anime like this. When Diablo was summoned to the fantasy world by two heroines, he turned out using a Magic Reflection by turning the slave effect to the two heroines. So it became the demon king who had two slaves from such heroine. It’s simple as that.

So, where are we? Oh, don’t forget about the fanservice. Fanservice this and fanservice that. Rem Galeu and Shera L. Greenwood are two main characters besides Diablo. From here, their adventure begins by searching… I don’t know. There is no definite initial motive for these three characters until when Diablo discovered that there was a real demon king residing in Rem’s body. Until finally, the main point appears. Diablo has a mission to defeat the demon king and also save Rem from her curse. It’s simple, right?

Anyway, Diablo is a joke in this show. Being one of the summoned game characters in a weak small town doesn’t make him have enough motivation why he is there. He is strong and can beat everyone who fights him. I found every action scene appears, it’s just bland and flat. There is nothing interesting, no strategy, and no tactics. One down, there is more to go. Diablo who made the two heroes became slaves I thought I could guess. After learning a lot from the two of them and knowing more about the background for both of them, we seemed to know how those two heroes felt. Yes, they have a feeling to Diablo. Besides, Diablo is an introvert who is a coward and doesn’t know to talk to women. Kind of like that to conclude.

Simply put, Diablo is a generic character for the Isekai genre. Almost everything except “The Rising of the Shield Hero” for the next upcoming anime. I found this light novel is different from such a genre. The development of the main characters here is inversely proportional to zero. The concept of the character is also unique, namely an anti-hero like. Diablo is just a solid character but cares on the one hand. He even prefers to live in that world compared to his native world. Because I thought, I agreed with Diablo’s thoughts. Being in an environment where no one believes you, life sucks. When is there a simulation world like in an episode of “USS Callister” from “Black Mirror”? I’m just impatient.

Its potential then disappeared at the end of the episode which I thought was just another pointless thing. Apart from Diablo having a mission to Rem awake the demon king inside her body, the show then further extended it. Glebsklem seems like a pointless character and I think the potential of the story disappears. Not too many minor characters besides Rem and Shera earlier. The minor cast is more forced in the end so I think this show is just too pushy. Alicia Cristela is a character that is too forced at the end so that her development isn’t too visible. Edelgard also like that. Even the antagonist is unmemorable. Likewise with all the characters.

While I’m quite love “Izetta: The Last Witch” besides this show also loses its potential and quite forgettable for people, Ajia-Do works on both but only a few TV anime. The animation is so Isekai-like. The fantasy element is average and doesn’t raise many expectations. The action is bland and solid. The fanservice? Just your cakes. The design of the character is just your typical mainstream. There is Shera with her “big” body and Rem as your loli. It’s just put you into shame. The voice actor is great. Thanks to their talents who fill all kinds of roles. And thank you with the fanservice too. I use it for reference. There is no other reason.

“How Not to Summon a Demon Lord” just your typical escapism, harem thing, and overpowered anime. This main trio came to introduce you to a world of adventures full of… pointless things. But, this anime is at least quite enjoyable if you don’t think too much about it. It’s time to turn your brain off. Generic characters, bland actions, average soundtracks, average animations as well, and decent voice actors. Just take it easy for anime like this if you don’t think too much about it.

66 /100
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