After a long 2 month review hiatus Im finally back. Most probably didnt miss my meaningless opinions yet unfortunately Im back to sharing them. Anyway I Want to Eat Your Pancreas. Ive only seen the anime movie so thats where all my opinions are coming from. If theyre inconsistent with certain things that differ in the novel/live action movie thats why. To be honest I basically went into the movie blind. I only knew that one of the characters was dying and that was the main driving force behind the plot. It was a little bit of a strange feeling since usually I know a little of whats going on in the movie before I see it. But anyway enough of that on to the review. In regard to the music in I Want to Eat Your Pancreas I really enjoyed what I heard. There wasnt anything that I thought was incredibly distinct to push it to amazing status but it was certainly not a bad soundtrack. The opening and ending songs by Sumika were the true highlights of the movie musically speaking though Ill have to express my partiality towards the ending Shunkashuutou. I have to mention that the voice acting was also very good especially Sakuras voice actor Lynn. Everyone else was solid too but she really stood out from the rest even if it was because her character was the most emotive of the cast. Visually I Want to Eat Your Pancreas is gorgeous. I mean all you have to is take one look at any screenshot wallpaper or whatever else there is and youll be able to tell. There is so much beauty in the artwork of this movie that its almost overwhelming even if it isnt as beautiful as something like Garden of Words or Your Name Which I consider to be the most beautiful movies Ive ever seen. Its weird though Ive seen a lot of complaints about how bad the animation is which puzzles me a bit because I never noticed any bad animation per se. Maybe there were certain moments where the animation was a little more jagged than it could have been but there was never a moment in the movie where I actively noticed any bad animation. I think that it could have been better animated but the complaints about poor animation seem somewhat unfounded if you ask me. Im not even going to bother picking my favorite character since its so obvious who Id pick. Sakura just dominates the movie with her personality and charm even if by her own admittance it is an act sometimes. I believe the characters of this movie wont get as much appreciation as they deserve for being so realistically deep and layered. While I mean the main two characters even the side characters arent particularly one dimensional either though I have to wonder if the light novel expands upon them more than the anime movie does. The main twos lack of one dimentionality really elevates I Want to Eat Your Pancreas to a much higher level and this is displayed through the main couples relationship and interactions. And that is the main draw to watch I Want to Eat Your Pancreas. If nothing else just their relationship makes it a worthy watch though some may find the energetic popular girl x the loner bookish guy to be a tired trope. And Ill be honest this probably wont be a breath of fresh air for you in regards to that. But what it is is a display of two people finding exactly what they need in each other despite how impossibly different they are. Its a really heartwarming relationship to be quite honest with you even if its destined to come to end at some point. I Want to Eat Your Pancreas didnt make me cry but it did make me feel a deep sadness for these characters because I had grown so attached to them over the course of the movie. I dont want to go into too much detail on such things since that would go deep into spoiler territory but suffice it to say that even when youre expecting something bad its still hard to accept when that bad thing inevitably comes about and in this case it is a bittersweet pill to swallow. Theres not a lot of depth to I Want to Eat Your Pancreas at least depth in the traditional sense. Instead theres a lot of emotional and personal nuance in this movie which was really interesting to see play out. These days were used to these grand works with many characters each as deep as a puddle. But I Want to Eat Your Pancreas goes in the opposite direction and it pays off in a big way. A more personal way. A more relatable way.
93 /100
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