Disclaimer Sorry if this review mixes up some of the plotrelated facts from episode 812. I was having some real trouble making it through these final episodes so I decided to spice it up a bit by playing a drinking game with myself. Every time I was disappointed I drank. Needless to say I ran out of alcohol in 8 seconds so everything is a bit of a blur. Heres a poem I guess. I hate my parents they just dont understand me They sent me to this school locked the door threw away the key I tried to tell her you cant pause Fortnite but she bared her fangs I have to survive this cruel nightmare by joining a gang We trade cellphones like they trade cigarettes in prison Got bullied tried to find help but not even the teachers would listen I was framed and was given solitary In two weeks I became a god exbullies be wary I stand so hard jojo shakin in his boots Sweat drippin like Niagara with Satan Im in Cahoots Purplehaired bullys plan came to realization He lit a match to burn this nation I look at him he looks at me We cry a lot together wheeeee Lets review the plot in nice bullet points spoilers Hibiki is an exathlete NEET sent to prison school and thinks hes been teleported inside a videogame. Sike he isnt Hibiki tries to kill himself because its not a videogame and spending 5 seconds inside this school makes him want to kill himself Hes talked down from the ledge by purple hair who runs the school and wants to make hibiki his pawn as is part of his unknown master plan and is also death flagged because he coughed once Hibiki does what purple hair wants and out smarts some of the schools student leaders because I guess hibiki isnt a useless idiot after all even though we are made to believe that he is Background characters are introduced and have super hacker abilities. They dont use these abilities until the end in order to drag the story out Purple hair tries to get Hibiki to rape his elementary school friend but instead of this being a red flag Hibiki goes along with it at first until said elementary school crush vomits into his mouth. He then proceeds to jack off in the corner unsuccessfully. He takes over half the school by himself in about 3 days and a bunch of completely irrelevant plot points happen for a long time including a 3hour standing competition Purple hair wants hibiki to forcibly take nude pictures of his elementary school friend but tricks him and they escape but then they end up getting framed for having a cellphone and Hibiki is sent to jail. Hibiki gets absolutely shredded and transforms in two weeks of solitary becoming a literal gamer god by doing prison sit ups We learn that exstudent council president girl/Hibikis failed rape attempt is in here because her parents died and were replaced by a rapist who rapes her and she stabs him so he sends her to prison school Hibiki gets out of jail but Purple hair is gone for some reason who also turns out to be the illegitimate child of some big shot mafia family New bad guy is introduced who is I guess part of the mob or something and they actually run the school because they sell all the confiscated cell phones they find???????????????????????? Hibiki is made new student council president by bad guy who likes Hibiki because hes a total badass now Hackers leak confidential info about school beating all the kids up Purple hair comes back to complete his master plan the thing hes been working towards this entire show since episode one and that is Lighting a match and burning the school down School burns down hibiki goes up to roof where death flagged purple hairchan is waiting to be burned alive and he cries The end Now on to the categories everyone knows and Loves Technical Animation 1/10 oIt isnt a zero because it isnt shitcom. It was shot in wide screen however which was one of the most bizarre choices Ive seen to date. Sound and voice acting 0/10 oI cried laughing at how bad the sound effects and voice acting were. Every single fight had little to no sound effects for people punching each other walking sounds were dreadful everything sounded stock and amateurly mixed it couldnt be worse. If it were worse it wouldnt have been aired and Id never get the privilege to make this review Music 2/10 oThe opening theme is uninteresting but wasnt the worst thing Ive ever heard Moribito Im looking at you. There really isnt much music in this at all but at the very least the sound track itself wasnt bad enough to be noticeable like in Tokyo ghoul: RE season 2s case but to give it anything above a 2 just wouldnt be funny enough. Story Plot/Characters 0/10 Heres where we delve into the details a bit more. Im going to try my best to be concise and as entertaining as possible since people tend to skim these reviews anyways. No plot points that are set up in the early episodes are capitalized on at all. Zero. Every single character and their backstories their motivations and their overall impact on the plot play zero role in the outcome of this anime. The only plot point to ever be capitalized on is the fact that they introduced a genius hacker girl early on who could have ended this anime the moment she arrived at the school but they withheld this in order to have 12 episodes and that is it. 220https://66.media.tumblr.com/d2dfe604773b077174c16f06e8ed3b5e/tumblrpk4mqpJ7rm1reg1i9o1250.png The cruel backstory behind the head guard the man shown to be a masochist with a heavy burden on his shoulders from letting his aniki die the man he looked up to the most. Nothing. Doesnt matter. The Sadistic head mistress whos father was the head guards aniki is shown to be a loose cannon. She gains control of the school in order to enact some sort of hatred upon them due to the trauma shes faced. Shes also shown to be unrelenting and cleaver. Doesnt matter. The innocent frecklefaced character who is bullied and has no self esteem is built up to be an important character no wait just kidding doesnt matter. The student council president the girl who was raped and sentenced to this school by her ill begotten foster parent wait. Doesnt matter Not even Hibiki who transforms half way through the plot plays even the most remote of roles in the plots outcome. 480https://66.media.tumblr.com/b323d5e6d3e8fd7aacea2df3a8755c9b/tumblrpk4mvt9SHJ1reg1i9o1540.png Here is the true order of events that had any impact on the plot. Hacker girl can hack things. She hacks. News reaches outside world causing police and reporters to come to school oh wait none of that matters actually because the TRUE thing that had any outcome on the plot is. Purple hair lights a match on the top floor setting alight his suite and soon the rest of the school. That is the end and it is only that very moment that had any impact on anything that happened in this horrid show. What happened to Hibiki and why was he sent here? What is the deal with Purple Hair and his mob family? Purple hair was set up as a character who liked having power over others and his true goal seemed to be one of gaining power over the students so why did he disappear and then come back only to burn the school down? Also where did he even go? He disappeared for several episodes without explanation 480https://66.media.tumblr.com/6122db1da496ee39d77de75842f25015/tumblrpk4mqpJ7rm1reg1i9o21280.png The whole animes focus was on the main character Hibiki and even though everything that happened from beginning to end was a whole spectrum of retardation even that had no point by the end. I mean for most of the plot Hibiki was outsmarting other students in order to gain control of the school and to transform himself into some sort of badass somehow. He even challenged the strongest fighter in the school To a uhhh. Standing contest. 580https://66.media.tumblr.com/f67bfa7acdc58f76aaacd420e21c25b6/tumblrpk4mqpJ7rm1reg1i9o81280.png Please 580https://66.media.tumblr.com/7bf91a3bad99510eb0e6502ef9ab2693/tumblrpk4mqpJ7rm1reg1i9o51280.png This is really happening isnt it 580https://66.media.tumblr.com/086cea5d3328ed9f1a52101688075665/tumblrpk4mqpJ7rm1reg1i9o71280.png INTERESTING 580https://66.media.tumblr.com/dc9aa38044690a2e624f7276922e1877/tumblrpk4mqpJ7rm1reg1i9o91280.png Ok you really dont need to show any more I get it 580https://66.media.tumblr.com/6d70d4d4b044e0a4a3bc53dcd762224a/tumblrpk4mqpJ7rm1reg1i9o101280.png YOU TELL ME 580https://66.media.tumblr.com/300bb8a5f939c6ac8bfc9b229d9f0ecc/tumblrpk4mqpJ7rm1reg1i9o61280.png Way..........way too much.... CONCLUSION 580https://66.media.tumblr.com/a702692c7aefede29328631107bbfb30/tumblrpk4mqpJ7rm1reg1i9o41280.png This Chinese cartoon is like when Steve Harvey messed up on miss America but instead of it being Steve Harvey messing up on miss America its Steve Harvey accidentally setting off the nuclear launch codes. This Shamime Is like having an iodine deficiency and growing a goiter in your throat. This load of piss is like laying down on a bed of needles laced with enough cocaine to kill a man which sounds fun until you learn that it also has hepatitis and 3 different types of MRSA and you still have to pay for all that cocaine you injected one day before your rent is due. 1/100
1 /100
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