What if I told you that Im a guy But as a kid I used to crossdress Also my family has this weird condition that makes the guys slowly turn into girls if theyre kissed before theyre adults and the only way to counteract this sorcery is if the person that they kissed keep kissing them and making them hot and bothered which in turn increases the level of testosterone but not enough to fully turn them back into guys ?????? uuuuhhhhh... I lost my train of thought This is the basic LOL BASIC premise of this manga. Since I read this in the middle of the night I couldnt be bothered to remember their names so lets just call them: Lesbian and Transperson. What interested me in this manga is because Lesbian is afraid of men and yet her crush IS one even though he looks like a girl. Then I found out that he was BECOMING a girl and he needed her help to be in an inbetween state: basically a girl with no boobs and a penis. And the way the manga treats this is that the thing between your legs is what dictates your gender. Look. Transperson was a cisboy and still identifies as a boy so I let that slide. But that was the first problematic signal I caught from the manga. The second one was that the manga treats girls as fragile beings physically speaking. Look its true that guys tend to be stronger physically than girls but that doesnt mean that its a rule. There are many guys that are weak there are many girls that are strong and there are many people with roughly around the same strength. But in this manga EVERY GIRL is automatically weak even Transperson . Also lets backtrack a bit: remember the premise about that weird family disease? Not that this is problematic per se but its SO BADLY WRITTEN that its actually laughable lmao This could easily be explained by a curse or some supernatural/paranormal explanation. But no this is normal for his family and ONLY his family no other human being goes through that. Also the fix is very specific: it HAS to be the first person they kissed and it HAS to happen every day or else by midnight hell turn into a full girl forever basically a cis girl. Its obvious that the author wanted Lesbian and Transperson to have an excuse to make out every day and nearly every chapter. And thats fine by my book thats pretty much why I read it anyway BUT. If youre gonna try to introduce plot into the mix would it kill you to come up with a believable scenario? Every plot point in this manga is crazier than the one before AND YET. AND YET. I liked it. It was easy for me to ship Lesbian and Transperson. The tension moments made me keep reading my eyes glued to my phone wanting to know how this could possibly end. The kissing scenes were very hot and if I was rating this based ONLY on that Id give it a 9 not a 10 though 10 would be if there was a sex scene :P. The drama parts made me feel bad for the characters so I suppose they werent just stereotypical figures with cute faces they actually had some layer of depth. And I absolutely adored the art its very much a 10/10 to my tastes. In the end if the story was: longer it has just 12 chapters which I personally think that were not enough to properly develop... what needed to be developed not problematic at all the things I pointed out in this review and betterwritten plotwise i.e: a better explanation about the boy turns into girl thing among other things This couldve been SO MUCH BETTER. But even as it was I enjoyed it.
70 /100
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