Where to begin with this show.

I will admit I am one who is easily drawn in by any sort of CGDCT like show, especially when the animation style looks this good. I mean look at my completed list for all the CGDCT genre shows and they consistently get high marks in my book. This show also hooked me as getting a bunch of cuties like this together means that some sort of yuri content has to be addressed.

With that said I got what I came for in this show and personally that is all I could ask for. Did they deliver in the yuri dept? I would say so, but its not in your face yuri which is good for this show in particular. Yes it is there and somewhat acknowledged but that is not the point of the show - we came to see some cutie kick some ass spy style.

Release The Spyce gets a lot of what it need to right to make them do just that. While it never hit it out of the park in any one category (maybe other than music) it never failed to disappoint of bring the quality of the show down to an unbearable level.

The animation was spot on. The action scene in my opinion were fluid and exciting to watch - particularly the last one.

The character designs were cute, both in uniform and out. While the girls had staples they always wore (other than their school uniforms or battle gear) the studio took the time to have more than just one look for a character. This in my opinion is a really nice touch that gives them more of a realistic vibe that would of been lost otherwise.

The music was killer. The OST selection felt like any of those classic spy movies that you would watch bringing both a dramatic flair and calming tones at exactly the right moments. I'll also mention the OP and ED here cause they are banging tunes in their own right and were immediately added to my large playlist of other anime themes.

The story, especially towards the end, can be a bit cliche but I suppose that comes with the territory of the type of show this is. I mean a spy show has to have suspense and being filled with cute girls we know how it will end - no matter the cost. I did almost tear up at the end though, but it wasn't enough to start the water works.

Was there flaws in this show? Most likely but I didn't notice them I was having to much fun enjoying it to care. Perhaps this show is rather average for the genre, might explain why about halfway through the season I kinda skipped a few episodes then binged back to watching weekly. That might also be because I was watching the dub releases of Princess Principal at the same time - who knows.

Speaking of which, Princess Principal is another great show that if you enjoyed this one I highly recommend.

Overall Release The Spyce delivers what it sets out to for the viewer, with perhaps a dramatic twist or two along the way if the genre is newer to you. It doesn't reinvent the genre in anyway really I don't think, but is a fine addition to it with its own flair. If a season 2 comes out I will definitely watch it and that to me is enough to give the show a thumbs up.

83 /100
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