Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo KonoSubas anime is great and has plenty of characters that us viewers can definitely not relate to. The choice for the voice actors just felt natural and the cast seems to have fun working on the anime. If you liked all that youll definitely enjoy the light novel. In fact I dare say the light novel is better than the anime. Theres just something about reading the light novel that makes it fun to read during my past time. Ive only read up until the 9th volume and havent had the time to read again but picking the light novel wasnt a hard thing to do. Im not much of a reader myself Ive only completed like 3 or 4 novels prior but I guess thats the charm of light novels. This will be an overall review of the light novel not per volume since I cant be bothered haha. I mean this could also be the animes review since the anime does a good job of adapting the light novels. May contain spoilers of the first few chapters/volumes Characters Images used are from the anime Satou Kazuma 220https://i.pin.com/originals/0e/65/e7/0e65e7640340a16068734dd46468fb9f.png Kazuma is a hikikomori a NEET and an advocate for true gender equality. His friends like to call him Kuzuma kuzu referring to scum which is quite the accurate description for his personality. Though with that said Kazuma is an amusing character that gives cynical comments towards his friends. He died in the real world trying to save a girl from a truck which led him to meet Aqua the goddess that would reanimate him into another gamelike world. He is expected to save this world by defeating the demon king basically the endgame boss. Aqua 220https://i.pin.com/236x/6e/68/f9/6e68f9c0b358194438d6e81883770f6bkonosubarashiisekainishukufukuwoaqua.jpg Ah the weakest link in the party. Im joking. Aqua is a water goddess that allowed Kazuma to be revived in the first place. She was dragged into the other world by Kazuma as he was allowed to pick anything to choose anything to accompany him to his adventure in this world. Why? Kazuma was annoyed by the fact that he was being laughed at by Aqua as she tells him the story of how he died. I didnt like her at first but I figured out that she was just a klutz of a goddess and is actually kind of cute. Megumin 220https://i.kymcdn.com/photos/images/newsfeed/001/193/746/1b2.png My favourite character of the series is here. Megumin is a mage from the Crimson Magic Clan a highly respected mages clan who can only do one spell Explosion. Megumin is obsessed with the spell Explosion that she doesnt bother learning other spells or skills and she can only do it once which makes her a glass canon in battle. With that said this is what makes her stand out to me not to mention the fact that she is a chuunibyou. She stands out as this fragile girl that constantly requires Kazuma or another party member to carry her back after casting the spell. Darkness 220https://kawaiimobile.com/2016/04/konosuba/konosubadarknesszteflashwallpaper720x1280/custom/kawaiimobile.com.KonoSubaDarkness.540x960.jpg?newsize=540x960id=13489 Darkness is another member of the party that could also be considered useless. She looks quite dignified in the picture but trust me she is anything but. She is a total masochist and her dream is to meet a man that would treat her as a slut and just complete trash. Shes wellmannered in formal encounters but becomes a complete masochist while shes with her Kazuma. I mean whats not to like? Reading a girl get off? Sign me up. Later on in the following chapters and volumes they will encounter semiimportant characters such as Wiz Vanir Chomusuke Iris and many more. Review The KonoSuba series is a great light novel series to read if youre looking to have a fun time reading and not fatigue yourself with big words. The story starts off with Kazumas death as he tried to save a girl from a truck. It was revealed later on by Aqua that Kazuma actually died of shock and the girl wouldve been fine even if he didnt do anything as that truck that he saw was actually just an old mans tractor. Even his doctors laughed when they heard what happened. This in itself is a great way to start off an isekai series. Its a good laugh thats way out of expectation. Later on Kazuma decided to give himself another chance by living in another world thats in danger of the Demon Kings shenanigans. This is a good way of introducing the world that we as readers are going to experience alongside Kazuma and his friends later on. Though cliched its done well enough to not be boring. As they get used to the life in this new world they decided to actually start adventuring and recruit some members by putting up a pamphlet. Along the way they met Megumin. They decided to try her out by killing some giant frogs on the field. Sure enough her explosion magic was a blast. Until Kazuma realises that she can only do explosion magic and that she can only do it once a day. The way this part was delivered was amusing and fun. The author is playing on the typical trope of an overpowered character with one weakness and overexaggerating it to the max by making her completely useless after just one explosion magic. Later on they met Darkness a beautiful crusader. Too good to be true? Thats right. Though she can tank enemy attacks she cant hit them at all and shes a masochist to boot. Oh sorry I meant that as a positive. Not much to say here but hilarious first impression and with all the main characters introduced the whole premise of the series is starting to shine light. A bunch of useless characters that party up and somehow make a natural fun group of friends. Its like our own group of friends assholes that somehow fit each other.
95 /100
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