The baby-making JRPG series, Conception, is like bad sex: building up to anything but enjoyment or climax. Call it the “Bob the Build-ups” of anime. The title and the premise—that was conceived by a total creep and birthed as shit—are so telling that it was going be another work of smut, but it goes the extra mile that I’d rather drag my testicles over a mile of glass shards instead of re-watching this dumpster fire of an anime. Can someone please notify Japan that this isn’t going to solve their declining birth rate issues?

How pathetic can you get? A generic protagonist stumbles upon a generic harem of 13 girls—some whose characters designs are that of little children and one being his cousin—because you know, leaving out the incest factor is so out of the question for these insane creators. And he has to impregnate them all. Why? To save a world that he and his cousin got randomly warped into so they can procreate with the help of 12 other girls to form an army of children to fight the impurities of this realm. Hold up! Why? How? What. The. Actual. F*CK!? It makes zero effort to hide the fact that it’s only selling point is sex, it’s so shameless that it even spams promotions of its website, almost begging its audiences to go there for some A1 ‘bleeding the weasel’ material. And speaking of weasels, there is a racoon-looking panda named Mana, a mascot of the show that not only explains the shitty jokes but also screams a bunch of synonyms for sex without even bothering to be witty about it. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that Mana is also a molester because, you know, it’s Japan.

After some exposition on how great first-time sex is and how it only hurts for females—by the most annoying character of the Fall season in Mana—our main protagonist in Itsuki Yuge has to ‘bang’ 12 maidens in addition to his cousin, Mahiru Konatsukiso, so that the world can be saved. “Classmating,” a holy ritual to produce Star Children, is the intersection of the show’s dungeon crawling and social aspects. This means it spends the majority of the time doing it. Conception makes it clear that 'classmating' is not actually copulation—instead, characters are making physical contact as they combine their spiritual energy to birth children. It's the implied and not-so-implied gestures during that ritual that make it far more graphic. Well, that was for the first few episodes but that gets thrown out the window that left viewers in confusion saying, “What happened to the love thing being a holy ritual?” Because now we have threesomes, censor bars over actual penetration. Being tongue-in-cheek about presenting the ecchi-harem-isekai while doing nothing new with them is just obnoxious. If it was about sex being a major plot point then why didn't it just be a hentai show?

It would make sense to go the hentai route instead of blue balling its fanbase with the trashy premise and a football team-sized harem of anime beauties: The cousin, Mahiru. The ‘Wants to bone her Brother’s lookalike’ Reone. The template tsundere, Ruka. The standard Loli’s, Colette and Yuzuha. The tomboy Tarua. The Dancing Farun. The religious dominatrix Arie. The ‘Let me gaze at your crystal’ Liris and Lirie. The teacher Mirei. The shy animal lover Sue. The Stockholm Syndrome Femiruna and the passionate Alfie. All of them designed as big busty bombshells or resembling little children. Conception is not even worth it for the ecchi. Even for those that like to get off to this type of content, you will end up wasting your lube and tissues. The animation is so bad that most ‘sexy’ moments are reduced to stills and badly drawn sequences. You can sum up the visuals and score by comparing it to Itsuki’s premature ejaculation in earlier episodes.

If you’re looking for an anime that hardly makes sense, that every moment is barely distinguishable from the next and has a harem that would be more fitting for a hentai, then watch Goblin Slayer. Conception and ‘My Writer, My Sister’ is having a fist fight in the squared-circle that goes the full 12 rounds, punching the crap out of each other for worst anime of the season, quite possibly, of the year. Who wins? TKO or Split decision? Please let me know. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if the creator was sterile.

5 /100
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