"At this point it's not even worth talking about"

(May contain spoilers for previous seasons)

It started in summer 2014 with the first adaptation of Tokyo Ghoul Manga airing. The anime remained faithful to the manga and the story itself was interesting combined with some gore and it attracted a large audience and ratings were good too. Both manga readers and anime only watchers were happy.

Then came the √A. Now in the first season they had 12 episode and serialized about 50 chapters of manga that is good. But in second season they still went with 12 episode series but decided to finish it there. Now the options were either to compress 94 chapters in 12 episodes or change the story and omit some details and they went with the later which left the manga readers furious.

Fast forward 3 years, in spring 2018 came the adaptation of tokyo ghoul:re , now the RE manga itself was a bit tricky because fight scenes were not very well drawn and for some reason the author decided to revive every dead character. Now the anime adaptation decided to completely forget about the √A and assume that everyone has read the manga which was definitely not the case and this time it left every anime only watcher confused and scratching their head because they don't know most of the things that happened in the second half of the Tokyo Ghoul which Studio Pierrot decided to throw in dump.

And finally 4 years later after the starting of Tokyo Ghoul we've reached the bottom of the pit after descending every level for 4 seasons. That's right I'm talking about the Tokyo Ghoul:re season 2. Now with this one they had the same situation as in √A either follow the manga by compressing it or write it on your own like they did in √A. But they thought hey we've already done the later now lets try the former and not much to say they failed miserably. This time they somehow managed to make both manga readers and anime only watchers angry, confused and disappointed. Anime only watchers didn't even know what was going on half the season and manga readers were very disappointed with the terrible pacing.

Story: 4/10

(Just read the manga if you're curious about the story)

The story does follow the manga but at the same time it doesn't with almost every detail getting omitted which leaves characters as hollow as 1 dimensional objects with no development at all.

Characters: 1/10
There is no character development. WIth almost every character getting revived we have about 3 times more characters than episodes which leaves no development to anyone at all.

Sound: 5/10
Only the OP by TK was good, rest of the osts were of the same quality as the anime.

Animation: 6/10
The animations were pretty ok compared to the previous season.

Overall: It's like a disappointment which everyone predicted and it came out to be just that way.

35 /100
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