Spoilers and a little swearing ahead, obviously

Finally got here, and finally finished it, THE part of Jojo everyone talks about, but does it really live up to the hype?
Hell yeah it fucking does! I have to say that, this is now my favorite part of Jojo yet, and Josuke is my favorite Jojo yet as well, he's absolutely gureto daze.
Alright let's start getting into it, ok, first... the obvious artstyle switch, i like it a lot, didn't throw me off really, i liked it at first glance, but the day i started it i was sick as hell and having those crazy fever dreams so... the sky not being blue fucking destroyed me the first time, it did stop being weird afterwards ofc but damn, why though.
Now, the cast, the IMMENSE cast of recurring characters, one of my favorite aspects if not MY favorite of this part. Having this Diamond is Unbreakable be in a single town, not traveling like a madman is a nice change, not better but different and it was awfully nice, specially having this recurring cast making Morioh feel absolutely alive, feel like an actual place, mori mori mori mori MORIOH CHO, RADIOOO! We love Morioh Cho amirite.
And the gore and unpredictable nature of this show doesn't stop here, Part 4 definitely takes it up a notch, of course, that is seen throughout this part but you are technically greeted by it at the start of it, by having Angelo say hi to a dog in the classic Jojo way, by fucking killing it, fun.
Now, as for the main villain, Kira Yoshikage, who shows up about half way through, not a very unpopular opinion but he really is one of the best anime villains out there, he's not evil for the sake of being evil, but neither does he have a super awesome plan and reason to take over the world, he just wants to live a peaceful life, like a plant, and well, keep up with his little hobby/fetish, which really... isn't exactly nice. And he doesn't try to act invincible in front of everyone, before being defeated, he got his ass kicked plenty of time, by many people and a cat, showing frustration and worry openly instead of trying to act tough, he feels human, and really isn't afraid of showing what he feels... actually no wait, that doesn't include the fetish!
Now, Brosuke, he probably has the most personality out of every Jojo before him, yeah, including young Joseph, he's fun, he has his flaws which actually make him more likeable and make him feel more human, i just like everything about it, i don't think i can express it that easily, uhh, his hair is very cool.
And last but not least, the stand, OH boy, now, these really do make the Part 3 stands look boring, because they take such great liberties with their abilities, there's simple stands like ZA HANDOOO, and then there's stands like Echoes, that can transform, and has different abilities with each form, and he can switch between them whenever... holy S-H-I-T he's cool.

Anyway, this part has been my favorite so far, and now that i'm watching/reading Part 5 i can see just how creative they keep getting with everything, this will just keep getting better!
Thanks for reading, and have a nice day, you crazy noisy bizarre buddy ^-^

92 /100
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