The animation meets the expectations, the expressions are spot-on, the dub is very decent (altho some parts they did not dare to touch, like the rap battle, understandably), the OP is "too good" (it creates a feeling that there will be a bit more to the story, than there is), but it is top-notch!

Once you get through the awkwardly convenient parts (the girls reassembling themselves in a second after they fall apart, or how they practically look the same, despite some of them being dead for decades, in other words, you expect no more realism than from Beetlejuice) you're in for a hell of a good show!

Koutarou is perhaps the most hilarious madman there is. His twisted logic behind saving Saga, by bringing girls back from the dead and making pop idols out of them should tell you everything you need to know. As the only notable male "protagonist" of the story, and in the light of some mild Stockholm Syndrome, he's a lovable, all over the place jerk, who acts cool, but is condescending and throws tantrums, yet "manages" to be funny throughout the show, sometimes even understanding. First we know close to nothing about the girls, and later, as their past comes back to haunt them, we learn a great deal of info in some well-written, dramatic or at least emotional, but none the less entertaining episodes. The songs they deliver tend to be catchy (as they should be) and when we learn more about the girls, we grow to like them for their personalities. At least some. Yuugiri stays in the background mostly, but I grew to love them all as a team. The fact, that they are from different eras gives their already interesting personalities even more spice. We never learn why Tae Yamada is "legendary". Unless of course we check out who gives her voice (and yes, by voice, I mean inarticulate groaning and mumbling). The bonding between the girls (and even them and their manager) is touching.

The first two episodes are simply brilliant, they are filled with the right kind of dark humor and are great satires of the pop industry / idol fanbase. If the show would've kept that quality, it would easily be 9,5/10 in my book, even with the irritating CG at some places (which I believe is used very little and at specific parts for a good reason, and let's be honest: there are much worse CGs out there). Anime watchers complain a lot, that the quality drops almost instantly after these two episodes, and I have to agree, that after most of the girls "awaken", the comical effect of them being zombies significantly fades away, not to mention, some episodes are weak regarding the relevancy and cleverness of the plot. That being said, I can't recall a slice of life, that entertained me as much as this (even at its weakest, it delivers a laugh or two or some drama to deepen the characters), not to mention the originality of it, so it would be unfair to rate it as trash, or even just average, simply for failing to be perfect.

Zombie Land Saga has a daring concept, but perhaps the most family-friendly execution imaginable. With a little more "blood in it", and just a little bit more original dark humor (it's fine, but quite repetitive), it would've been epic. If this would've been a movie, especially a Hollywood live action, it would've been a top hit. You will notice all the potentials it misses out on, but don't forget the ones it grabs! Hopefully, we will see an even stronger season 2, and the creators will pay attention to what the fans say about it.

88 /100
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