This review will contain Heavy Spoiler for the show Some context before I jump in. Just doing this to show how good this show was Back before I watched SteinsGate I used to not be interested in Anime I loved Visual Novels though Mainly Katawa Shoujo and DDLC. I was looking for more VNs to play when I heard about SteinsGate the visual novel that was amazing. I didnt have the money to buy it at the time and the idea of it seemed really appealing to me so I decided to watch the show and my god has it changed me and my likes. MAJOR SPOILER AHEAD STORY: To summarise the story focuses on a group of friends who discover a time machine that can send email into the past which allows them to alter the future later on the crew discovers how to send memories back. Each alteration of the past has a huge impact on the future from Luka turning into a girl to Akihabara becoming a boring old town. Along the way they look into SERN an organization with several rumours about them experimenting with black holes and time travel they find out that they did infact manage to somewhat send people back in time. Soon after finding that out SERN storms in murdering Mayuri a childhood friend of Okabe. This moment is the most pivotal moment the show undergoes a change in genre and atmosphere from happy group of friends tinkering with electronics to tear producing adrenaline inducing story of Okabe and his quest to find a World Line in which both his childhood friend Mayuri and crush Assistant Kurisu live. He tries over and over to save them both only to end up in spiral of depression as he has to work harder for to achieve this goal. Ill leave out the last few scenes but you get the jist right? We got to see a really interesting story one that to this day manages to be one of the best stories out there. The way the world got built and the characters developed it all felt really real like they were nonfictional friends but animated. 420 CHARACTERS: All of the characters found in SteinsGate are amazing and well written. Ill only be talking about my 3 favourite characters but all of them are great and feel realistic. Okabe Rintarou the mad scientist and a chuunibyou despite me disliking his chuuni side I grew attached to it. He acted like he didnt care about anyone and anything but as the show progressed we got to see how he does care deeply about his friends. Makise Kurisu best girl for years she is clearly a tsundere. I didnt know what to think of her character when I watched the show I was new to the terms and stuff so I was not used to this loving yet aggresive type though that being said she was an amazing member of the show Shiina Mayuri a cute ball of sunshine she is not as clever so she doesnt further the plot of the time machine scenes but she fills an important role in the show so 1. Stress relief. When she enters the scene you know its gonna be good and fun :D 2. A turning point for the story which grasps me everytime and hooked me in so much. 420 ART/ANIMATION: SteinsGate has a great artstyle. Its not the best looking show out there yeah. But its very pleasant to look at does not take anything away from the show at all. SteinsGate being quite a dark and mysterious show the colour pallete is more on the washed out and drab which adds more to the whole mystery of the show. The show has really nice and smooth animations as I said with the art this makes it very nice on the eyes I was not tired of watching it or had any complaints when I binged it in 2 days. 420 MUSIC: The overall soundtrack of SteinsGate is amazing. Loved it. Each and every song fits so perfectly with the vibe of the show and the scene its playing in. I even listen to it while doing work Im listening to it now even. Very catchy indeed. The Opening The most awesome part of the music topic. Its one of the best ones out there everytime I hear it I get so nostalgic. Its catchy plus the lyrics are also very good they give insight into the world and story that will uneveil itself. 420 OVERALL OPINION: If what I said above make you think I loved this show so much then let me repeat. I loved it so much. The story characters everything tied in to so well creating one of the best shows I have seen to this very day. This was a very great introduction into Anime. I recommended everyone to check this series out or even pick it up again if you dropped it due to the slow start. It really is worth watching. Note This is my first review I hope yall liked it. Ill write more in the future and try to improve on each and everyone I write
100 /100
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