Baka and Test was the best comedy I've watched. Despite the cheesiness of it, it was definitely my favourite comedy I've seen. It's one of those anime's one might miss in the scramble, and once picked up, it's impossible to put down. Seriously, I couldn't remember the last time I had this much fun watching an anime.

Reasons it was amazing:

  1. Despite it's target goal of being a comedy, it also showed its viewers a dramatic side, as we see examples through how it talks about characters backgrounds (I would elaborate on this more, but most of it comes from season 2).
  2. The overall tone of it was exciting. From its catchy intro, to its entertaining class battles, it never stopped getting better, making every second of it have a feeling that gets the viewer hyped up for more.
  3. The characters. I was really enveloped on how a comedy such as this one was able to show its viewers the interesting personalities of its characters, since characters is usually a part of anime's like this one that's blown off. It was just amazing to me how it could be both hilarious and interesting, which is something the anime community could use.
  4. The creativity. The creativity of this anime was simply impeccable, in how it was able to show us many perspectives off all the characters, while also progressing its plot. I felt like not a second of this anime was unnecessary. Either the story contributed to the comedy side of the anime, or to the plot progression of it.
  5. The action. I know "action" isn't one of the tags listen in this anime, but when watching it, you can't help but feel action dripping down from it. Just watching the battles from each class and how Class F always has a plan, fills the viewer with this feeling of motivation. And before you know it, you find yourself cheering for this underdog class to best the top with their strong wit and tactics, even if it is meant to be a comedy.

From it's creativity, to it's hilarious moments, this is definitely an anime I highly recommend watching if you're fairly new to the anime community, or even if you've been around for a while. I feel like it's one anyone with a soul can enjoy, and it will envelope you in its story and plot progression.

100 /100
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