Hello and welcome to my review of the greatest thing mankind has accomplished - Eromanga Sensei. In this review I will tell you everything you need to know about this masterpiece and why it's such a piece of art that deserves wide recognition everywhere around the world.

Story 10/10
First is the story. What can be said about the story except that it's masterfully written. I have never seen or read anything with this level of detail and writing before ever in my life. The story has it all - sadness, jealousy, heartbreak but also happiness, excitement, fun and more. It truly has everything.

In short the story is about a brother who writes light novels and his little sister who is a shut in NEET. What the brother doesn't know is that his little sister is actually his illustrator. The story begins with the brother finding out who her little sister really is and after that the story really picks up.

Characters 10/10
The characters are nothing short of wonderful. All of them have their own distinct personalities and they all feel very much like normal people.
Take for example the male MC - Masamune Izumi. He likes to write Light Novels, make food for his little sister and loves to wash her underwear.
As you can see from that one example, the characters here are all very realistic and relatable. I mean what older brother wouldn't want to wash his little sisters panties. This is why I believe this anime has the most relatable characters ever.

Art 9/10
The animations and the art are all very well done. Except for one thing, all the lewd parts are censored. If they weren't censored then I would have no problems giving this 10/10.

Sound 10/10
The voice actors are all really good. You could definitely tell a lot of effort was put into every line. Especially when Megumi says she loves dicks. Absolutely the best work of voice acting I have ever seen.
The OP/ED both sound amazing with quality visuals and great singing.
The soundtrack for this anime really fits in with all the great moments.

Enjoyment 10000/10

This anime is so good that I have watched it a 100 times. Yes, a 100 times. And even after watching it a 100 times, I still like it just as much as I did during the first time I watched it. With every rewatch I find more small details and all of it really makes me appreciate just how much effort was put into every scene.

Final Score ∞/10

This anime is the greatest thing that humanity has made. We have truly peaked as a species. When aliens visit us, all we need to do is show them Eromanga Sensei and they will know that we have far surpassed them in every way possible. Eromanga Sensei is the crowning achievement that humanity will be known for. It's the anime that every person or being in the universe has to watch because nothing will ever surpass it and nothing will ever dethrone it. For Eromanga Sensei is greater than the universe itself. It is the god of everything. Nothing before it truly existed because it was Eromanga Sensei that brought the universe into existence.

Thanks to everyone who read it this far, I hope you now know the wonder that is Eromanga Sensei. For those who skipped all the text, please watch the anime. Watching it will truly be a unique experience that you will never forget. So make sure to watch it and then come back and read this review.

100 /100
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