This anime made absolutely no sense from Episode 1 you will have no idea what is happening. You never get an explanation and the story... well there isnt one? Im not sure. The main character is the weakest person in the entire show that being said the strongest the leader of zvezda absolutely needs his power which again is never explained and also doesnt exist. Almost every episode will have a battle scene where every enemy is a storm trooper that went to the academy of bullets that only hit the ground not only do enemies never hit there target but the battle always ends the same zvezda pulls out some Super secret weapon or ability or robot or new character or... anything that can be explained by thats the power of zvezda. The characters never develop Well maybe the main character finally realizes that he actually thinks thoughts and has a brain and the plot never appears we just get told that the world is going to be conquered even thats a lie. I gave this show a 6/10 because I enjoyed the art and the different characters to an extent but most of all it was because I shipped Asuta and Renge. Too bad Asuta wants the loli that does nothing but use him instead gotta appeal to the lolicons I guess otherwise this show would have been rated a 2/10 overall. Theres not a lot of good points to make about this anime. if you like random no point anime shows then this is for you if you like a plot good character progression or a reason other than this might look cool then this show isnt for you. I thought this anime could have potential at the start so I kept watching but in the end it was just a boring ending where they win and go back to fighting more enemies to conquer the world. I was hoping that maybe in the end that Kate finished her goal and evaporated and left Renge and Asuta together but sadly it goes on. As a quick side not I might actually enjoy this anime if literally ANYTHING was explained but nothing ever was. This show might have taken a spot for one of my lowest rated shows if it wasnt saved by the fact that Renge is probably the best clueless character right after anyone else trying to hide there identity in this show.
60 /100
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