Sypnosis Ajin: DemiHuman tells the story of Kei Nagai who discovered that he had been one of the creatures everyone is talking about: The Ajins. Ajins first appeared 17 years ago in Africa. Upon their discovery they were labeled as a threat to mankind as they might use their powers for evil and were incapable of being destroyed. Since then whenever an Ajin is found within society they are to be arrested and taken into custody immediately. Ajins are similar to humans but they have two principal differences: 1: Ajins cannot die. Immortality is great right? Well in Ajin thats far from great. Being an Ajin results in suffering in laboratories from the tortures of the lab researchers so their immortality is against them. And Ajins that havent been found yet will have to be always hidden from society not being able to leave a peaceful life as any other human being. 2: Ajins have a monster inside themselves Let me explain this part by an example: In Tokyo Ghoul The most similar manga the Ghouls have their weapons attached to they body but in Ajin their true power relies in a body totally independent to the Ajins. So if the monster wants to not obey his master he can and that is one of the cons of this but when mastered it can be a deadly weapon. But remember enemies do have it too. Art Style This is something I love about this manga: the art style. It sorts of reminds me to the manga Gantz an realistic type of art but keeping the manga style like in hair. It makes its job masterfully as its intended to give the manga a serious atmosphere. I personally dont bother about gore but Ill warn you this manga contains a LOT of it. Like every single fight has a gore scene in it. Characters Ajin is one of those stories where you sometimes get to hate the main character and others love it. The main character Kei Nagai is selfish arrogant and sometimes even cruel. But he is also brave intelligent and his tactics will make you always get excited about the awesome battle scenes. He makes friends but hes also always losing them almost like he dosent really care that much of them. Yu Tosaki and her personal guard / secretary Izumi Shinomura are the inspectors who hunt Ajins and that will be trying to catch our main character Kei Nagai in all ways possible after the incident when he is revealed to be an Ajin. However after a big plot twist Im not revealingthese characters get a REALLY good character development and begin contributing more to the story quite surprising there. Then we got the bad guys. The main and most important antagonist is Sato and personally its my all time favourite badguy. He is always wearing a beret and also loves retro video games. But he is cruel. He is capable of killing everyone that gets in his way to get to his objective. What would you love someone like that you ask? You can and will discover on the journey that is reading this manga but Ill say that personally I like how he is not your stereotypical crazy minded antagonist he always remains calm he always dresses with a retro style and he is always be unpredictable. The other bad guy is called Koji Tanaka hes an Ajin and the subordinate of Sato who before was a delinquent and had been tortured before by Sato. As the second Ajin discovered in Japan Tanaka was put into government custody. There he became a living test subject for various Ajin experimentation by a secret medical facility not known to the public. After being saved by Sato he immediately became his partner. Story The story behind Ajin begins simple and fast but the more you advance into it the story will start giving you big if not enormous plot twists you will never see coming. Something I can reveal without spoiling too much is that the plot is NOT linear and you may feel lost sometimes with scenarios changing as well as new back stories. Lets talk now about the maturity of the plot. This manga takes itself always serious dont expect any comedy besides the dark humour sometimes characters use. This manga contains dark thematics in it and if you are careful when reading youll notice references to suicide terrorism and corruption in a sort of criticism to our societys nowadays morals. Conclusions Ajin is a worth read for anyone and a good alternative to any scifi/action fans that have liked other similar manga like Parasyte or Tokyo Ghoul to give some examples so far as Ive gotten to chapter 51 and there was not a single chapter I felt bored or dissapointed after reading. Lets hope it stays awesome until the end and thanks to the mangaka Sakurai Gamon for this piece of art
95 /100
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