I was just sitting around thinking about life. Nothing special just what I usually do when i'm bored and alone, just sit there and think. After awhile of nothing this anime called Watamote popped in my head. Not sure what triggered this thought but I started self-reflecting on my high school life and compared it to Tomoko's high school life. After an hour, it hit me,

"I could write a review about this!", I said to myself.

"And I'll be popular with all the anime weebs!", I told my ego.

Tomoko (The Main Character) isn't someone you should look up to but, as some people point out, someone you could relate to. She's a... special girl who's main draw is her social skills, which is almost non-existent. So as people with no social skills would know this could sometimes lead to some awkward situations. I hate to use the world "cringe" here but that's the best way i can put it. This anime will be hard to watch in some scenes, viewer beware. This won't be for everyone, it wasn't for me because my high school life was perfect and i got all the bitches, but if you're interested in knowing more then sit down and let me tell you a story. Don't fret, we'll come back to the anime. I think.

So once upon a time there was this high school boy who went to high school (Go Figure!). He had a name, but for this story we'll call him Chad, yeah that's right "Chad". Chad didn't have any friends because he was a selfish, perverted, dumbass who wanted everything in the world but wouldn't work for any of it. He would however eavesdrop on conversations people had around him. They would talk about everything from personal issues, new trends, and popular media like movies. All of this while cussing up a storm. Chad saw himself above all the assholes in his class. It's not that they wouldn't talk to him but he just didn't want to associate himself with these bad influences. However when they DID come by to ask questions/talk they were always nice and considerate and Chad would always struggle to speak coherently. Only ever responding to their questions. This always embarrassed Chad because he didn't want people to pity him but at the same time it did give some popularity of being that one loner so people would talk to him out of pity. Oops this is getting a little sad... errrr... yeah so he would cope by masturbating to hentai and that made him very happy. Wait, is that funny?

(Sidenote: Chad did have a reason for his lack of social skills. It's not an excuse and it didn't give him social anxiety but it did encourage this behavior. I point this out because the anime didn't give any specific reason for tomoko's social anxiety. She just kind of had it at the start. I'm not a doctor but I guess people could naturally have social anxiety, however I believe there are usually some factors that lead them to this lifestyle. It doesn't have to be anything substantial but some background would be nice. I suppose some would point out that she's addicted to surfing the internet and playing video games but i would like to know why. What encouraged her to do this? Her brother (Tomoki) loves video games too it seems yet he has plenty of friends. What makes them different?)

Chad then one day found this neet anime called "No Matter How I Look at It, It's You Guys' Fault I'm Not Popular!" and he realized just how much he could relate to the main character. Cause that's all this anime has going for it. However Chad really hated Tomoko. She was very unlikable for many reasons such as: cheating, perversions, egotism, and plain idiocy. Still when Chad put himself in her shoes he wondered "what would I do?", and came to the conclusion "Not this cringy Shit". Then he would feel better about himself and years later write an anime review on it to post on the internet for the whole 2 people to read. Wait a minute.

In all seriousness the enjoyment in Watamote will completely hinge on how you view Tomoko. This review sums up her character and if you didn't like what you read then this is not for you. I also want to point out chad's a story of a real person with real anxiety. I point this out because you may have a story like this and if so then maybe look into this anime. You may like it, you may not. Chad certainly didn't, especially the main character. However it did allow him to reflect on his not-so-proud past. Tomoko can be hard to watch at times and maybe it's not at that level but i'm sure we've all had those moments we want to redo. I believe that's the point, Chad hates Tomoko because he hates his past and if you don't learn from the past your doomed to repeat it. That's how it works, right? Anyway enough with the half-assed morals, I hope this review helped.

I also real quick want to mention some side characters:

  • Tomoki - Tomoko's brother who has friends and always looks a bit cynical

  • Yu - Tomoko's hot, trendy yet very friendly best friend from middle school

  • Megumi - Best girl who Tomoko doesn't deserve but goddammit that final scene with her was precious!

And a few others. All these character are in stark contrast to Tomoko herself and I guess provide an interesting dynamic to the anime. (Not really, all she does is annoy her brother and perv the other two girls.)

So with all that said what do i give this anime? A solid 5/10! Balanced, as all things should be.
However (A lot of "however" in this review) I go by the smiley face rating system in my anime list and i gave this anime a very happy smiley face. The reason for this is because I appreciate anime that approach issues like these even if i end up disliking it. I don't want to give it anything less than what i deem necessary. Also that scene with Megumi, Precious.

50 /100
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