The movie that almost drove me to tears just cause of how freaking beautiful it is. First things first, I LOVE ANIMATION! Its immeasurable potential to pump out amazing shit is unrivaled so far, being Ponyo not only an evidence of that, but a whole encapsulation of what makes the medium so appealing to me. Where to begin? Oh yeah, the beginning. The opening scene for Ponyo is the first thing that strikes you like a bullet and shows all one needs to know about the picture. Insanely varied and detailed living creatures roaming the screen as harmonically as the awe-inspiring Deep Sea Ranch playing, definitely one of Joe's finest pieces. So beautifully colored, so accurately portrayed, so incredibly animated; the attention to detail surpasses anything I've ever seen in animation. How much passion can you pour in one scene? Ponyo seems to be fully committed to come up with a proper answer to that. And that all is just from the get go. There are numerous instances in the movie where one will be left wondering how the fuck is it even possible for the movie to exist. I had never, in my long life of anime viewing, stumbled upon something so into the idea of providing people with THE EXPERIENCE. To feel like a child once more, the bliss of earnest discovery, the pure and unadulterated joy of living and experiencing something truly beautiful: that's Ponyo for ya.

One thing I really appreciate about most of Miyazaki's screenplays is how they effortlessly ride on the simplest of premises. Watching two children befriending instantaneously and naively handling their relationship which often results in break-ups followed by immediate reconciliation, it's all too familiar. How far could that familiarity go? Really fucking far, that's it. The world can go to hell, as long these children can meet again thus reestablishing their bond. It's hard to explain how exactly these types of story work. It's innately understood, reaching that part of our brains which concealed whatever ruled our ways during childhood. To amaze both demographics at once, that is what Ghibli does best.

Miyazaki made me happy and grateful for both being alive and being able to experience his artwork. If someone is able to evoke that out of you, hug them to no end. Thanks Miyazaki and crew, I love you guys.


100 /100
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