Cathartic in nature GochiUsa is a heartwarmer that has its roots in providing contentmentsimilar to the relaxation one can feel from sipping freshlybrewed coffee. With an ample amount of lovable charms and a cuteness as cute as the twitches of a bunnys nose its the ideal to show to hearten oneself. I mean just look at my smiling face But lets be clear first. The show doesnt have the most imaginative story as it follows pretty much all the things other CGDCTs have. Instead its in its settinga town with European resemblancesthat gives GochiUsa a special kind of appeal. Elegant idyllic and traditional the towns architectures are adorned by timbered buildings and cobbled streets making it a breath of a fresh air away from the usual high school setting. Really its the perfect environment to have some joviality. Like an on cloud nine kind of thing. And you can find out just how peaceful this show can get when you enter the Rabbit House a caf where caffeinated aromas linger about and where plenty of lightheartedness is waiting to be met. A place full of endearments is inviting me. After being greeted by the gentle Chino who has an odd fluffball of a rabbit atop her head Cocoa starts a new life in the town by working as a Rabbit House waitress. From there on she meets the other girls all of whom are equally as adorable and this is where the euphoria begins to seep through my heart. Theres no deep drama. No major conflicts. The setting has already established a tranquil stateofmind prior to everything else and that peacefulness continues to emanate throughout every episode. As a result all the activities the girls do hereworking at their cafs partaking in silly fun or developing their friendship and sisterly bondsare enjoyable to watch. The fluffy atmosphere simply blankets their interactions in a way that makes me want to cuddle them. Or Mofu mofu as Cocoa will adorably say. Theres also one other aspect that elevates my fondness for the show. That is each one of the girls personality reflects the beverages in which theyre named after: hot cocoa for Cocoas comforting sweetness cappuccino for Chinos mature and childish duality Th des Alizs for Rizes cute tendencies despite her strictness uji matcha for Chiyas refined elegance and the Kilimanjaro coffee for Sharos insecure sensitivity toward her own image. So if you think of GochiUsa as one wholesome caf then the girls are basically its warm little beverages. Endearing isnt it? And to further paint the soothing image of the show in your mind the artwhile more on the average side animationwiseutilizes its soft pastel palette harmoniously in conjunction with its visual design. I already talked about the architectural beauty of the town so let me expand on that by saying the numerous outfits sweets and expressions here are some of the other things that give more delight to an already delightful setting. Its like what they sayappreciate the little things in life. Because as tiny as the aesthetic details may be they all add up together into one pleasant whole that makes the show continuously fun to bunnyhop through each second along the way. The soundtracks deserve a mention as well as they too contribute to the easygoing atmosphere. Whether theyre the fairytalelike or the restful tunes all of them share the commonality in rejuvenating ones heart and soul and to highlight the lovable voices of the girls at the same time. You can certainly say the audiovisual has inspired the affection within me. At the end of the day GochiUsa is a show that personifies what happy serenity is all about. It may have used the same kind of ingredients found in other CGDCTs but the comfort it creates with its town setting and affectionate girls is distinct enough to be appealinga charm that I like to compare with the refreshing sweet and tranquil atmosphere of a caf. Start your day with coffee. End your day with this heartwarming show. 480
80 /100
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