Lucky Star: Oh Yeah Baby Its Good Overview: It is very good. I like Lucky star because it is very good. Socrates once asked a famous question on the topic of God Love and the Good which obviously was supposed to refer to Lucky Star. This was called the Euthyphro Dilemma known better as the Konathro Dilemma. It asked do the Gods love Lucky star because it is good or is Lucky Star good because the Gods define it so. The answer after much deliberation and debate is the latter of the two. That is because Lucky Stars Goodness has authority over all moral and Godly beings. Some people may disagree but you must like it or you go to hell. Characters: What can I say What can I say. Theyre the best. Yes yes yes. Konata is a real gamer and a super champ. Kagami is that one girl who always liked e in middle school but decided to put me down instead of confessing. Tsukasa never existed it is all a comma please wake up and Miyuki is the Big boobed rich girl that you find in every anime 100 of the time except this one is better. Mugi eat your heart out. There are also a whole host of wonderful side characters like Nina and Shou Tucker Konatas epic gamer Lolicon Dad the teacher and Konatas cousin. Honestly I love them all so much except Shou Tucker because he is bad. Their designs are wonderful and life bringing and they all seem like wonderful people who would make your life better if you knew them. Unfortunately you will never meet them because life is filled with horrible people like yourself and these girls are idealized in terms of personality. Maybe more idk its up to taste I guess. Plot: As you probably read from the synopsis Azumanga Diaoh is about a bunch of highschool girls and based on a 4 coma manga. Its extremely comedic and not heavily plotbased. I like it. The last arc where Nier and Light face off is extremely under rated and I wish people would give it a better chance. Music: Fun Fun Dayo. Haha epic. Definitely a huge gamer of a song. I really like the Plantations theme music from after you get past the outer wall area. Its the last portion of the game you have a chance to properly visit previous areas so its pretty big and super cool. My personal Opinion: I have no opinion I just ingest objectivity into my being and create omnipotence form it. Results of the Exam: If I had to rate it definitely a 93 but dont ask me why it should be pretty clear at this point. Certified frosty x1000 Glass Reflection please follow me on twitter love you all. Please watch lucky star.
92 /100
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