220https://i.ur.com/gbM7FAx.jpg Komisan wa Komyushou desu Written by Razovyhttps://anilist.co/user/Razovy/ Slice of life a genre in both manga and anime that is dear to my heart Although Ive been able to find entertainment in various other genres it is the SoL genre that has been tickling my fancy ever since I discovered the wonderful medium called manga 4 years ago. A couple of weeks ago I decided to buy volume 1 of Komisan wa Komyushou desu as I had some money to spare and wanted to give a series that had such a high rating on Anilist a try. When I see a manga is already more than 5 volumes in though I tend not to get involved mainly because itll cost me quite the sum gotta love them import taxes and I find it quite hard to get invested into a series that is already going for quite some time. For example Im a huge fan of Shinryaku Ika Musumehttps://anilist.co/anime/8557/ShinryakuIkaMusume/ but I just know that once I read volume 1 I WILL buy the other 21 volumes as well... Same thing with Komisan wa Komyushou desu: I bought volume 1 and a week later I had already ordered the other 10 volumes on cdjapan... 220https://i.ur.com/RK8UbZx.jpg Could it be that... youre bad at talking to people? The story starts out with our main character Tadanohttps://anilist.co/character/78093/HitohitoTadano who joins a fancy new school. He explains that his survival in life completely depends on a skill he calls reading the air. This basically means Tadano is talented in reading both the situation as the people around him. His first day at this new school will challenge his confidence in this ability though as he meets a new girl at the lockers. He introduces himself to her hoping to make a new friend but instead of a greeting she responds with an icy stare. 220https://i.ur.com/PokOzKw.jpg Hoping never having to deal with her again he soon realizes that theyre not only in the same class but hes sitting next to her 220https://i.ur.com/kCR7VvR.jpg Although everyone seems to be in love with this new ice queen Tadano is trying his hardest not to get involved with her. This turns out to be quite impossible as every guy in his class wants to kill him and take his place sitting next to the Madonna of the school as Tadano describes her: Shouko Komihttps://anilist.co/character/121956/ShoukoKomi. After everyone has left the classroom and by coincidence our 2 main characters are left alone Tadano figures out that Shouko isnt the ice queen others claim her to be. Its not like she doesnt want to communicate with others she simply cant communicate with the people around her. This revelation makes the 2 warm up to each other and Shouko reveals that she has a dream of making a 100 friends. Tadano being the awesome bloke he is decides to help her out in this cute quest of hers 220https://i.ur.com/5e46A9W.jpg The good Since Im quite the positive guy lets start with the positives shall we? Our 2 main characters are very relatable All of us have been Tadano once or twice in our lives and Im certain that weve all experienced the troubles that Shouko is undergoing. I cant say this for the side characters but the protagonists are written well which is incredibly important for a slice of life manga. The story events are comedic yet relatable and make sense in the context theyre placed in. Just because a manga has a comedy tag doesnt mean that the story shouldnt make any sense or that the author should be able to have a lacking plotline for the sake of comedy. I cant believe how many times I have read a comedy manga only to get bored after the second volume because the actual plotline doesnt make any sense. For those who have experienced this too please rest assured the plotline in this manga might not be mindblowing but at least there is progression. Furthermore the author makes sure to put our main characters in fun yet logic situations where their quirks truly shine. This manga gives a great insight in the daily lives of Japanese teenagers what keeps them occupied and the troubles they face everyday. I love foreign cultures and reading native material like Komisan wa Komyushou desu gives a great insight in the Japanese culture. For both those still in their teenage years and those like me who are drifting further and further away from that wonderful/awful time I truly believe this is a manga for both parties. 220https://i.ur.com/x5ZDGSF.jpg The bad The side characters with the exception of Najimihttps://anilist.co/character/126825/NajimiOsana seem to be only there for comedic relief and serve no other purpose. I love a good side character just as much as the next person. Guess what: this manga has tons of them The problem is that out of all the quirky side characters I can name only 1 that I truly consider adding anything useful to the story this being Najimi. Najimi couldve easily been a main character if that cheeky romance tag wasnt part of this manga. Nonetheless I do like some of the side characters but Id have preferred to see this manga with less side characters that had more personality than a ton of them with only one quirk or purpose. Some of the interaction between the characters and their thought processes might be considered childish by some I sincerely doubt that when a teenager reads this manga he / she will have any problems with this but I do believe that if an adult would pick up this manga he / she might feel like this manga is not for them. In my opinion this is completely understandable as Komisan wa Komyushou desu is aimed at a teenage audience. From time to time I also felt like some of the situations were rather childish. Fortunately this isnt a problem for me but I can imagine this would bother some of you out there. 220https://i.ur.com/UxGmXZn.jpg Conclusion So is this bad boy worth a read? OF COURSE In fact I would go as far as to say that this manga is one of my favorites If you want to sit down with a coffee and have a relaxing read Id definitely recommend Komisan wa Komyushou desu However if youre looking for a ton of action ecchi situations or a manga aimed at an adult audience Id advice you to look elsewhere. Thank you so much for reading my review I hope it was useful :3
90 /100
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