When I first heard about this anime I wasnt really expecting much. For something with only 3 minutes per episode I wasnt anticipating any sort of legitimate character development or romance but what I got was quite the opposite: I got a truly heartfelt story about a lonely man falling in love. The premise is pretty simple the protagonist Daisuu finds a stranded cat and takes him in but surprise hes a catboy. One of the strongest points about this anime was how emotional it got at times in my opinion. Throughout the anime we get some insight into the life Daisuu has led up to this point mostly a solitary one. In episode 4 we get a look at this through a phone call with his grandmother who notes how hes never cooked up until now. Daisuu then begins to explain his feelings to Myou in one of my favorite anime love confessions to date. https://i.gyazo.com/576fd11cb797cbac9a6f666d34463cc6.png precious Daisuus feelings of happiness and warmth felt so genuine and moving to me something I feel like a lot of BL are lacking. Many I have watched usually involve something more akin to I like you with shoujo visual effects everywhere dont get me wrong I still like that but in Wei Kanjian Maoerduo La Daisuus journey of discovering his romantic feelings is more than just love its a sense of belonging. Stuff like this always makes me choke up and this anime was no exception on both viewings. Aside from the heartfelt moments throughout the anime of which there are many it is also very entertaining. Myous childlike personality always creates funny situations with other characters giving it a nice slice of life/comedy feel to it. Myou and Daisuus adventures together are always cute and heartfelt. Bit by bit we see Daisuus life change for the better as he comes out of his shell. It balances comedy and emotion very well usually diffusing emotional moments with comedy that leaves you feeling warm inside. https://i.gyazo.com/9965f9b869f2a0456921cda31fe2851c.jpg relatable Although its not exactly realistic the other characters in the anime are very supportive of their relationship even Daisuus grandmother who when asking if Daisuu has a girlfriend says It doesnt need to be a girlfriend a boyfriends alright too Little things like this are what make me love this anime. None of that but were both guys trope just a lonely mangaka learning to love. I tend to rate everything I watch way too high but I would recommend this to anyone with half an hour or so to spare if only for the cuteness. However I feel this anime has some actual romantic value in ways that distinguish it from other anime. Thanks for putting up with my ramblings up until this point and hopefully you enjoy this anime and the second season thats currently airing
87 /100
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