Fanservice is weird in that at some point during its history it went from titillating people with the possibility of seeing some skin to having weird and bizarre situations where trying to cover up said skin has become half the appeal. And while Eiken is nowhere the near the weirdest fanservice out there its has become a tad infamous in certain anime circles. Our main character is Densuke who has just enrolled at the exclusive Zashono Academy a very large private school with 5400 students ranging from elementary to junior to high school. This school is also know for its large range of club activities. And as the anime is starting and dumping all of this information on you the fanservice starts. As Densuke arrives he falls into or onto one of these clubs depending on how you view it the titular Eiken club by falling on one of his classmates Chiharu Shinonome enormous breasts. And when I say enormous I mean fucking gigantic. Every single woman has boobs with a size any where from beach balls to a hot air balloons. Eiken is pronounced achin short for aching because thats what the womens backs are definitely doing with the size of their knockers. But none of the women even show the slightest hint of back pain or even having to try to deal with their massive size of their tits. Maybe the gravity on this planet is completely different and significantly less than of our Earths and to compensate all of the women have giant tits to keep them from floating off into space along with the men all being as dense as a collapsing star. But moving on to actual plot of this series this animes excuse of getting the girls out of there clothing is that the main character has to get money to buy another character a gift to make up for accidentally embarrassing her. To get the money he joins the schools games which includes games like going down a comically overcomplex giant slide with his female team mates in revealing clothing but instead of water its yogurt trying its damnedest to look like semen. Theres even a character that comes along that appears to be trying to win over and steal the main characters love interest. But this matters so little and is so what this OVA is trying to do that the character isnt even worth mentioning. While its not the worst or even the most baffling thing out there its definitely a sight to behold and is definitely going to get a double take out of a lot of people.
38 /100
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