My Girlfriend is ShoBitch, that may be true in this animes case, but she is also boring and non-exciting to the viewer watching this show. They try and use every cliche in ecchi means whilst trying to make everything into a joke about sex. For a virgin, the protagonists know quite a lot about sex. The art style has no specialty to it unlike other animes and seems very bad compared to some other animes that came out during the 2017 fall animes. For consisting of only 10 episodes and 1 ova, it did happen to make me laugh a few times, so that is a given and deserves some credit for it's comedy genre that was correct in it's placement. In the ova they decided to say, "Fuck it!" and put in the nudity scene, where you'd expect the original series would be filled with, it was quite boring and I couldn't stop checking the time of the video every two minutes to see when the episode would finally end. My Girlfriend is Shobitch is okay, it is not good, nor bad. It is one of your normal animes who try to copy a better version of its self. I would rather you watch Shimoneta then this mediocre anime.

This anime repeats jokes over the course of ten minutes so much that it got very dull. They made the joke about being a masochist four times at least and the joke about the main boy being a lolicon pedo several other times. They keep repeating an repeating, trying to get a laugh out of it's audience. As every other high school rom-com out there, the story starts as an ordinary high school boy,a trope used way to much that whenever I see those four words I sigh and get ready for a possible shit-show. Shobitch's romance wasn't the best, but definitely was not bad, it was a little less then okay. The ecchiness wasn't that very good either...The characters and plot weren't very original either, a normal high school boy, a foreign exchange student, a little sister who adores her older brother, a childhood friend who his so close to the male protagonist they call her by family formalities and not by their actual name. The shows highlight was the red-haired male, he seemed to be your ordinary (gay?) male that is the protagonist helpful buddy in romance. But he brings more comedy to the table then the main boy did. All in all, My Girlfriend is a Faithful Virgin Bitch, but is not a Faithful Anime. You either enjoy or dislike it, there is no middle grounds for this show.

                              - Boner~Kun
37 /100
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