SPOILERS FREE REVIEW - So read without worry (If you want to)

This anime has no particular deep plot like most comedy types, just a High School boy Kazunari Usa and his wish to live a normal independent high school life (like that ever goes well in a school genre) and there's a Senpai he wants to impress as well.

One thing that literally shines bright in this anime is the AMAZING ANIMATION, I haven't seen many anime with very distinct or special animation but I'd say that the animation style itself goes hand-in-hand with the flow of the anime, looks colorful, detailed, cheerful and overall GREAT. Keep in mind this is an anime from 2014.
The simplest of expressions have so much details in them. The character design are also well made.
The music played along with the romantic and comedy scenes are very much in sync and adds more impact to the scenes themselves.

Ok, word of advice this anime looks cute and all but damn does it throw some unexpected heavy mature comedy. Though the comedy itself is genuine with little to no generic same-old stuff that you'll burst out laughing unexpectedly. This is a very nicely done rom-com with hilarious romantic scenes to heart warming comedy (wait, I got that backwards, ah well...)

One of the things after the animation in this anime that I loved was the uniqueness of the characters and how well they were mixed together. And given a good amount of screen time to give each one enough time to shine so that the viewers get to know more about them.
We have the pervert masochist, the drunk office lady with literally no luck with men, the sadistic college girl... (yeah, I did mention unique didn't I?) The loving old manager lady and the shy book loving Senpai.

After getting to know his fellow tenants Usa decides to go find another place (I mean who wouldn't... They crazy) as he's leaving he runs into the Senpai and, lo and behold she's already living there (guess ya know what he decided next)

Anyways, IMO this is an anime where "notice me Senpai" is done right in a very cheerful and hilarious way.

I'd recommend this if you're looking for a GOOD HAPPY watch because from the animation to the dialogs it's one BIG HAPPY ride.

GENRE: Comedy, Romance, School, Seinen, Slice of Life.

RATINGS: I'd give it 8.6/10

86 /100
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