Kakegurui xx continues where the previous season left off but this time betting with money is off the table as a presidential election starts and everyone is gambling for votes. This competition also brings about new competitors from Kirari’s clan of the bami families as she also puts the position of house head at stake.


The animation honestly doesn't change or improve much from season 1 but is well executed although it doesn’t really stand out too much from the animation of other MAPPA works.

Score: 15/20

Art Style

The art style still has the fairly nonstandard more realistic anime style but changing to hyper realistic and grotesque styles at intense moments in the show. I truly think that the change in art style is relied upon too heavily to create the tension in the series when the actual plot falls through and the increase in there more realistic shots in this season compared to last shows that the show hasn’t actually improved in writing quality at all.

Score: 9/20

Voice Acting (Japanese)

The voices mostly fit their characters but there does come a point where things can be over exaggerated and Saori Hayami’s performance as Yumeko shows just that. There is some better middle ground but still stand out performances from the show like Yu Serizawa as Yumemi and Mary Udono as Runa but the new additions to the cast lack any exceptional performances.

Score: 11/20


The main character Yumeko still after 2 seasons has not been given any kind of development or backstory for her character and actions. They do mention that she is part of the bami clan but this does not elaborate on this fact later. The other characters from last season also are not developed further with the exception of Yumemi and Sayaka. The new characters introduced this season have absolutely no personality with the exception of Rei who had a lackluster finale to her character arc anyways.

Score: 7/20


The story now spends more time on gambling with that creating the most tension in the show, not the character interactions necessarily. Each gamble now takes about an episode and a half to complete while the other half of the episode is the setup to the next gamble. All of the gambling is connected to the election but without any real grand plans shown to connect them all.

Vague spoilers below:

The ending of the show does not even focus on the election at all rather they finish one characters arc which had not even truly started until the middle of the series and leave Yumeko just gambling at the end with no real purpose.

Score: 4/20

Final Score

Animation: 15/20
Art Style: 9/20
Voice Acting: 11/20
Characters: 7/20
Story: 4/20

Overall: 46/100

46 /100
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