Warning very personal criticisms. Please dont get angry. Ive watched very little anime and most of my time watching said anime is rewatching anime that Ive already watched because they mean a lot to me. Things Ive watched I would say that they were very easy to follow. Im a very emotional guy but I love to look for romance when finding new things to watch. But with watching much romance for me I get a very bad emotional baggage which I enjoy because I feel like I grow as a person when struggling with it where I think about the emotional coaster the anime has gotten me into. The anime Nerawareta Gakuen was very hard to follow for me. Throughout watching the anime I couldnt relate or get emotionally attached to any of the characters. Nothing in the plot made sense. I understand that explaining the entire plot is boring and I understand that as long as you understand what is freaking going on theres no need for explaining. My favorite show which does this correctly is House Of Cards and Black Mirror. Both shows not needed to explain the plot because it is easily understood. Leaving the viewers to question plot holes is very much part of the enjoyable experience. An anime example I would like to throw out there is Your Name. Very little explaining of the plot but very easy to catch on to and very enjoyable plotholes. The anime Nerawareta Gakuen might not be an anime for me altogether. Maybe I just dont like plotholes and openended questions that I need to answer on my own when watching anime. But I know thats not the case because there is a short film that I watched that counters this argument Shelter. Full of questions a very enjoyable part of the experience. All in all I didnt enjoy the plot of the film nor get attached to the characters. But I will rewatch it because maybe knowing whats going to happen next while rewatching will help me catch the details that I missed. P.S. Another anime Ive watched where I felt the same way like this in said review is Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko. Ive given it an 8 because it was doing well during the early half of the film but then gotten crazy during the rest of it. If you guys know whats wrong with me and what is something I can improve on when watching these types of films to get whats going on Im all ears.
30 /100
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