This review will contain HEAVY Spoilers for the show!

This season is packed with many plot advancements and explanations to some questions, plus we get some more Titan on Titan action which make the watching experience that much more fun!

Season 2 focuses much more on the Character Development. We get to see all of the characters we grew to love in the first Season being destroyed mentally and sometimes physically. We were also introduced to the new enemies.

Eren tries his best to secure the survival of Humanity but despite his best efforts there are those who wish to see Humanity perish, Bertolt and Reiner. Those two are also capable of turning into Titans, and those are the ones who we see at the start of the first season destroying the gates.

We also see Ymir turning into a Titan to help out her friends in the tower. Through out we get hints towards her origin and her goals. But not much else.

This leads me unto the reason I did not like this Season as much as the rest, it talks about A LOT while doing so little. I liked the character development very much, the combat too. But, in my own opinion, felt a bit slow. But each to their own I suppose :P

In Season 2 we primarly see the same characters we seen in the first Season. As mentioned before this Season was about Character Development. We do get hints about new enemies and challenges but thats about it, hints.

Most of the goals and ideals of the characters are the same as in Season 1. Except from:
The Big Three: Reiner, Bertolt, and Ymir.

Lets start about the easiest. Ymir.
Her goal is to protect Krista at all costs. Not much to say there, if anything happens to Krista...hell unleashes.

Now unto the more complex characters. Reiner and Bertolt.
Those two want to see Humanity perish. Why? I don't recall, going back and rewatching the scene they explained all of that does not give us a good answer, mostly hints. From a young age they've known about these powers and used them for not so great things, like breaking the gate in Season 1.

We also get to see Connie's village and a big Titan that looks a lot like his mother...hmmm, add the Hints of Ymir's Origin and we get some nice future arc there.

From what I can see, the art style and animation have changed over the span of two seasons.
Last season had thicker outlines with smooth yet rugged animations, this season on the other has improved.

The art style still does feel like Attack on Titan and does stay true to the Manga but compared to Season its much more enjoyable. The outlines for most part have been thinned down. The animation has taken a huge boost, most of the action scenes we found in Season 1 were good but could've been better. This was the response the studio gave. Amazing fluid animations (as seen in the gifs) with amazing character designs. Whats not to like?

Attack on Titan never dissapoints with an OP. Sasageyo has to be one of the best OPs for this show to this day. The Pure hype one can feel building up while listening to it is incredible, it is also very catchy and memorable with some stunning visuals.

The ED...well, there is not much to say. It was really meh. Doesn't sound good in my honest opinion. The last two EDs we were presented were much more suitable for this series. Especially "great escape".

The OST, it is amazing. I love each and every OST that this series had produced, each and every song fits so well with the theme of the show and scene it is found in.

Season 2 build up on the previous established ideas more and more. Although most of the things I remember and saw when looking back through the show was Hints towards bigger events.

The combat and animation has greatly improved in my opinion.

Overall this Season was great but could've been better if we weren't teased so much about 60% of things said.

80 /100
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