I dont even know why I watched this you cant keep up with ANYTHING. Random characters keep appearing out of nowhere and you have no idea who are they angels? gods? people fighting among each other? I really liked the previous seasons I dont know if it was because I was dumb enough to like anything or because it was better and after watching this I dont even feel like rewatching the old ones anymore. What a wreck. Art: 7/10 Gotta admit its okay J.C never fails to impress. The characters looked memorable and the abilities graphics looked nice sadly its nowhere near as good as Railgun combat animations but its better than previous Index seasons I guess. Despite everything this is one of J.Cs strengths in my opinion. Story: 3/10 Nothing makes sense. I think you have to watch the visual novel to understand anything but that is no excuse for this poor writing. An anime series needs to stand up on its own otherwise just make it a TV Short or a teaser to that novel. No matter if the story is good or not I think its poorly executed. Sounds: 7/10 Fine I guess isnt exactly anything to write home about and I didnt notice any amazing OST either might have been cause I generally didnt like the series so dont quote me on that. The ending song was okay though. Characters: 3/10 There was absolutely no character development at all. If you watch the characters on their first appearance and at the end of the anime they all act and think the same. Except the bad guy as usual cause godmode Kamijo Toma punched sense into him. I wish Misaka showed more action she literally did absolutely nothing she is supposed to be 3 esper for gods sake. The whole anime doesnt need to revolve around her like Railgun series but come on the little Misaka had more camera time than the original one. Enjoyment: 2/10 Watching this anime is painful. Its so painful that every episode I thought about dropping it. I gave this one point cause it made me smile every now and then at the absurdity of everything that was happening Im glad I had friends to talk to so we could mock this writing and it brought us something to talk about. The second point was for nostalgia it brought back some good days around the time I started watching anime good old days. Overall this is not worth watching save your time if youre thinking about picking it up.
44 /100
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