New year new Precure Star Twinkle gave us a new entry to this wonderful series that while I personally didnt enjoy as much as others its still well worth checking out. The story starts when Hikaru Hosnina a cheerful girl who absolutely adores space and stars one day to her complete surprise and excitement damn shes excited about it A rocket suddenly lands close to her inside is something that will change her life: an alien named Lala together with the two mascots of this entry Prunce and Fuwa who are searching for help to save the universe from the villains of this series. Soon after Hikaru becomes a Precure bringing a start to this story of massive scale. One of the highlight from this entry is Hikaru and Lalas friendship and development they go through due to their contrasts in personalities and ways to see things they have and the other two main characters until later on the main cast is completed with Elena a very hardworking girl who brings a smile to everyone and Kaguya who suffers a lot from familiar pressure due to their long history and expectations put on her. They are both likeable characters and I especially liked Kaguya but outside of at the start Elena suffers from getting spotlight episodes really late into the series when to me it was quite out of time already to truly get attached to her. The villain side was quite promising as well with every general providing different strategies to face the Precure like Kappard focusing on melee fight while Tenjo uses minions to execute coordinated attacks for example. This gave quite some variety compared to other entries but in the end outside of just how memelikeable Kappard is just by personality and design the villain side this entry felt pretty weak to me with Eyeone who was quite annoying to me at the start ending being the kinda redemption on that regard due to her development and own drama through the series. To be fair this also was a point quite hard for Star Twinkle to shine on due to having to deal with the shadow of last years Hugttos Precure an entry that just nailed that part to the max for the franchise to me. Going back to the space adventures together with the usual slice of life interactions of the franchise in this entry the girls also travel to different planets which were probably the best moments of this series meeting characters from those places and seeing their way to be was a lot of fun and I would honestly have been in for the whole series to be going from one place to another but it was perfectly fine with this mix of normal SoL and adventure as well. I love the art style of this entry and I especially have nothing but praise towards the amazing character designs. Lala was love at first sight once leaks of how the characters looked appeared and she easily places on a top spot as one of my favorite character designs with the rest of the main cast not being too much below her. The action scenes started with very solid quality although overall I think that Star Twinkle was kinda in the lower end of Precure in terms of animation quality in general with not too many impressive moments and mostly just good enough looking to be appealing. The music was nice as expected of Yuuki Hayashi Boku no Hero Haikyuu Shokugeki and well KiraKira and Hugtto Precure always delivering hype and emotions to the scenes. 800 Star Twinkle was a fun year that I can recommend to the fans of the franchise althought I would suggest others which I also have reviewed here To try instead if you want to give a chance to Precure.
75 /100
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