I love Oregairu. Its one of my favorite romances anime all times. The story and characters really make me feel we came across just like what Hachiman experienced. But did we really need the second season? And the fact that the light novel will end its not a coincidence if the third season has also been announced. Well we have come this far and yes people seem to forget about this series. Its a sequel people almost forget. This time the sequel produced a different quality from the first series. So people say that they dont like this sequel because of the studio changes. In addition a less promising sequel is a reason for forgetting this. Plus the ambiguous and very cliffhanger ending became the trigger of the rampant why. By far My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU TOO is a school drama romance slice of life and comedy show which combines all of the things. This time the story really focuses on three main characters with this love triangles. Phenomenally Hachiman becomes the triggers of the realism existence from the social outlook at school. With his solitude he tried to jump in and see how social it worked. As with the first season this season focuses more on the problems that exist in his school. Like Hachiman he was an antisocial accompanied by his friends at a club. Every day he gets lots of requests and problems especially how he has to deal with Hina Ebina and Iroha Isshiki. Hachiman becomes a representation of how socialism pretends to play a scenario. He represents how small things could change our perspective on people. There is an ideology from each person fake society and people hiding from behind the masks. Silly Hachiman increasingly fell into the trap of socialism making him have to pretend with his two best friends Yukino and Yui. Besides I like how the chemistry between the two was built. They both like the same person Hachiman but Hachiman himself doesnt want to hurt their feelings. Finally also Hachiman tried to open his heart to them so he would not feel alone again. Again and again Hachiman just didnt like how he was treated and didnt want any more lies between them. This is an emotional roller coaster show. You could say it throws you out of a roller coaster. The main character Hikigaya Hachiman still maintains the ideology of how he becomes a view represents the viewers perspective. And I dare say he is the coolest character in all anime regardless this is a romcom show. We have Yukino Yukinoshita. Yukino at first glance seems like a character who will never like Hachiman and her views will never change. However she finally fell into the love triangle circle with Yui. On the other hand she has a sweet side that is unknown to many people besides her intelligence and beauty. In both ways she was very loyal to her friends and even Hachiman himself was like that. On the other hand there is Yui Yuigahama. Yui is a cheerful character who really has feelings for Hachiman. But this season really shows how she comes across to Hachiman and sees him from the most different side. She is a type of character who is passionate and upbeat but often supports her friends. In the end she will continue to support her friends and try to never hurt her friendship both with Hachiman and other friends. I think Iroha Isshiki is one of the triggers from the beginning of this season. She doesnt have anything enough from this season. I mean in terms of their respective roles. There is Komachi who acts as Hachimans younger sister who also has a different important role in the first season. Haruno as Yukinos elder sister is also an important trigger for the chemistry between Hachiman and Yukino. I think this season has many sufficient subcharacters and in fact I enjoy this season more than the first. Studio feel. is the studio who produced this anime. Unlike the first season this season was at first weird for the design of the character that changed dramatically. But there are so many details in it and it beyond any levels of quality compared to the first season. Moreover this is a difficult job for them by first having as familiar with the design in the first season. They also have to be able to turn off Hachimans eyes even more dead. The background is fabulous and the art style fitted with the theme as well. The opening theme song is quite memorable and catchy. The voice actings did a great job and the soundtrack in my opinion matches the anime characteristic. Likewise the second season has a slow pace for a romance anime. But its also difficult to get used to if youre still not too familiar with genres like this. Bottom line My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU TOO provided a romcom story with everything getting better. However the cliffhanger ending is what makes me really think about this series too. A 2year gap is very long and a 4year gap is added for the third season. This anime revolves around the social life of Hachimans eyes as antisocial. Its a unique and great show for a romance that people will regret with this series maybe. But this show really feels youve experienced it or even become Hachiman itself. Its a part of society and victims of a drama. Now Im ready for the third season.
83 /100
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