First things first: this anime is what you will think it is if I say the word Isekai.

It has all the clichés. All of them:

  1. Overpowered protagonist, after the reincarnation, with little interest to go back to his world and no experience with love but with all the knowledge of our time and a smartphone that helps him to do a lot of things that nobody on that world can do. He becomes rich in no time too.

  2. A harem made of all the members a good RPG's party need.

  3. All the important events happen when the group is there or, at least, on the way there, and only the main character can save the day.

  4. The main character helps all the people he mets, with no prejudice, and all of them are good people that thank him and are important in some kind of way to the story.

  5. There's a country that ressembles Japan, being him like the people of that country. Because of it, nobody can suspect (or at least express) that he may be from another world.

  6. All the people are impressed with his abilities, but not scared of him and never say anything of him that can cause any kind of problem to the group.

  7. The monsters are always far from civilization, except if the group is nearby.

I can say more and more clichés, but I will enter then in spoiler terrain and I don't want to, if I can avoid it.

And after saying that, I must tell something more: it works greatly.

The formula may be like a lot of other harem Isekai anime/manga/novels, but this time they put effort talking of the kinds of magic this world has and how it works, slowing the pace for the first chapters to establish the bases that will be used later on. Only after all the explanations you could need to understand the limits of the characters and the world they are in, the story advances and develops at a steady pace, without rushing things, but it doesn't stop anywhere. Even in times when the group stops in the way to relax for a bit, you can see them enhancing their relationship, abilities and equipment, some times more than one of that things at a time.

The characters have the time they need and the moments to interact with each other. Even the secondary characters that appear here and there can be seen enough to understand them and the reasons they can have to do what they do. They don't do nor feel anything unreasonable, it's not the kind of anime that you see all the girls fall over the main character before he does anything, be his actions related directly with them or not. And even being that this anime is short, they evolve a little in the time they have, in the feeling area over all other.

The biggest problem I see is the near inexistent time seeing the world they lñive in. If you compare it with other Isekai, you will see that in near all of them, the world has a role bigger than anything. The exploration and understanding of the environment, status, races, etc. is key in a lot of them, but here, after the basics, there is near zero of that. You can see races, yeah, but the differences between them are not explained. The towns are not seen either, only in the first one can be said that you can see a little of what a city can be there. The group goes from one place to another, but the audience can't see more than 3 or so stablishments in all the series, and most of the time you see the guild, the house of someone or other or maybe a fortress, but not the towns they were in. How does the people live? Are there some kind of ranking in the guild for adventurers? Are there any other people from another world? Is any kind of big bad guy out there? Because of that, to fully enjoy this, you'll see that the season is way shorter than it should be, and that a little more time explaining more of the world or showing what can cause conflicts in the future.

With all that, my score is 8 out of 10. Is a good story, well made and with effort put into it. If you don't like the clichés of the genre, this isn't for you, but if you accept them and want to see Isekai stories, this one isn't surprising, but it is effective, entertaining and can make the audience laugh. Not a masterpiece in any way, but a good anime to see every once in a while or when waiting for something bigger.

80 /100
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