This review will contain Spoilers for the show Mob Psycho in this season explores the idea of emotions and power/greed. It also tells us that no one is special and we are all just human. SPOILER AHEAD STORY: The show focuses on Shigeo Kaguyama Also known as Mob. Mob has Psychic powers he can make things float bend spoons oh and demolish whole cities if his emotions reach 100. Mob works for Reigen a con artist who somewhat manipulates Mob due to his state and powers. Normally this would be unacceptable and we would want to see the character who is getting tricked to seek revenge or what ever but Reigen has an important role of making sure that Mob gets a normal life of course Reigen does tend to exploit Mobs wish to be normal but in retrospect hes done more good than bad. Throughout the show Mob is seen with Reigen defeating spirits. Mob at times can get a bit desolated but Reigen the saviour always teaches him new and important things about being a good person. Lets skip along to the Claws and the 7th Division. The power hungry people. Ritsu Kaguyama Mobs brother has gotten kidnapped by them. Mob goes out to save him with Hanazawa and the others. The main focus is at the end. Right when Mob reaches 100 on his Murderous Intent. Reigen steps in and stops him which seems to cause Reigen to borrow Mobs powers After getting struck by the enemy Reigen stands up and laughs it off. This point is the most pivotal point of the show it tells us just how ordinary and NOT special espers are. This manages to change the views of the claws. They become ordinary people that happen to have powers. 420 CHARACTERS: There are many characters in Mob. Each and everyone of them has their own problems that they need to face. Mob has well his emotional problems and the fact he puts too much pressure on his shoulders. He always thinks everything is his fault he believes he couldve helped in some way. Ritsu at the start was a happy lad later on we can see him getting his powers. This is the trigger of his own problems. Because these powers are new and hes been eager to get them ever since he saw Mob use them as a child. His morality goes down severily. He doesnt help people instead he makes them suffer in one way or another. He just wants to enjoy these powers without any control. Reigen the embodiment of perfection ordinarity. Of course he does have his own problems which are far more greater but in Season 1 his main goal was to show the Claws just how ordinary they are. He somehow borrows Mobs powers and deflects all attacks from the Claws making them feel insignificant and return to normal lives. The Claws they are known for their greed of power Megalomaniacs. They believe that they are special due to these powers and they want to go and rule the world. Humans are just weaklings who could never achieve something as great as they can. Or so they thought until Reigen and Mob showed up. Teruki Hanazawa is basically the same but isnt part of the Claws he wanted Mob to also realise he is more than just Human. 420 ART/ANIMATION: Mob Psycho has a really unique art and animation style. It can go from fully detailed and beautiful fight scenes as shown below to more laggy and crude stuff like shown under the CHARACTERS section. Though this works and balances out just perfectly it actually makes us feel and understand more things we are watching. The fight scene below is mob when he reached 100 when his brother got kidnapped by other esper. We can see fully detail and smooth fight scene. High Quality stuff right there. This makes the seriousness of the scene much more potent. We can see every little detail of their faces and how they feel. But when we go the scenes like the one above we also get a lot of information and emotions. Mob joined the Body Improvement Club he wants to be very strong physically. That scene is of him jogging with the members we can see his face and his body movemements the face of Mob is telling us that he is tired and about to faint and yet his body language the way he swings his arms tells us that his is willing to FIGHT ON and push his limits. Until he falls out of exhaustion. 420 MUSIC: Mob Psycho 100 has quite a good soundtrack Season 2 had some more intense tunes but Season 1 also delivers with its music. Each fight scene consists of well choreographed battles and music that will send chills through your spine. The OP oh my god is it good. The song is catchy and the lyrics also do give us a quite a message. If everyones not special Maybe you can be what you want to be . . . Your life is your own OK? Its OK to not be special. Should be easy to understand these lyrics tell us that people arent special and due to that fact people can be what ever they want to be. We live our own lives and its okay to not be special and unique since as explained earlier we can be what ever we want to be. OK? 420 OVERALL OPINION: Mob Psycho 100. Yes this season did have quite a slow start but just like SteinsGate that was necessary. We needed to know the characters and their problems. We also needed to engrave the idea of ordinarity into our heads. This show manages to be so reletable due to its heavy exploration of emotions. This is the main appeal of it. The characters although exaggerated have the main core believes a lot of people in real life have and this show manages to break them down and disregard them since as I said many times No one is special. This show makes sure you know that fact. Season 2 explores many more ideas and is generally much better but this show does manage to pull its own weight its funny serious and has an amazing cast of characters.
90 /100
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