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Oh boy, this movie.
This movie tries to "wrap up" the Steins;Gate Series.
Instead of focusing on our man Okarin the main character is Kurisu-tina.

She's coming back from America to visit the bunch, nothing out of the ordinary yet.
We can clearly see the lab members having fun, this seemed like a really good movie so far.
But soon enough we were introduced to the World-Line "R". This is the point of the movie in which my hype died dramatically.

Somehow Okarin is becoming more "Unstable" and travelling between the Steins;Gate World-Line and the R one, this is due to the Reading Steiner.
Okay, hold up, Reading Steiner does not work like that. We NEVER were told that Reading Steiner can do that EVER. Reading Steiner is an ability that Okarin has to remember the previous world-lines he inhabited, not travel between them.

There is also the fact that two World-Lines (Steins;Gate and R) are active. This also breaks the rules of the Original Series that were made in the series.

And this is pretty much it to the story. Kurisu tries to save Okarin from being forgotten and being trapped in the R world-line. She goes through time, even all the way back to when Okarin was younger. I also disliked the idea that it was Kurisu who told Okarin about a "MAD SCIENTIST". It was so much better when Okarin made up that by himself as a way to cheer up Mayushii from her depression since it proves further that Okarin does care deeply about his friends.

The whole story felt really rushed. They just threw in some random melancholic themes and called it a day just to get the movie out and profit from the name.
It's a shame really, I love Steins;Gate, its a sereis to hooked me into Anime. The thought that has went into it was impressive. I still have to play the VNs (Especially 0 since I heard its 1000x better than the Anime).

The movie doesn't really bring any new character to the table. I assume you watched the original S;G so you should know how they behave.

There is a difference though. Kurisu, Okarin, and Suzuha.

Kurisu, being the main character, falls desperate trying to save Okarin. She goes from her Tsundere self to more of a Chuuni like Okarin.

Okarin, he's just done. Not even a single care in the world. He wanted to save Kurisu and Mayushii so he doesn't care if he gets in to some trouble. He's kind of similar to the S;G 0 version of Okarin but just more lazy.

Suzuha, she is a confusing case. Normally she only appears in the past when World War 3 is about to happen due to the Time Machine, but somehow she still is here despite the fact that this is the Steins;Gate World-Line. The explanation given in the movie...doesn't really make sense. Kurisu builds a time machine to help Okarin but then seals it off due to the reason "This is what Okarin wanted". Then Suzuha uses it.

The animation style and the art didn't change that much, the movements do seem a lot more fluid.
The movies still has the same colour scheme, same atmosphere. So its all good here!

As much as I don't like this movie, the OST was quite good.
Well this is to be expected from Steins;Gate. The OP (Sung by our lovely Kanako Ito) is amazing, she is always able to pull off any OP very well.
The ED on the other hand, not something I would listen to daily but considering the theme of the movie it fits.

Couldn't find the OP gif so here have this one

I hate to say this but this movie really is an insult to the series. It is clear to see they didn't really try to come up with a story.
They threw some some stuff together, slapped the Steins;Gate logo and characters on it and called it a day.

It breaks the things we learned in the S;G and S;G 0 (This even released later than the movie), the story is all wonky and confusing and doesn't even wrap up well, it just kinda moves forward not really taking its time to explain its self.

In my opinion this is more of a spin off. A poor Spin Off.

50 /100
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