In a mortal world where people push each other attack each other insult each other literally no one asked. Sword Art Online emerged from underground in the afterlife trying to unite this fragile humanity. Everybody got their nuts and everybody love this piece. In a world literally no one care it becomes one of the most popular series in each season. Its not a case when discussing all of these series. It spawns a lot of video games series spinoffs movie pop culture and so on. Until then this series didnt stop spilling. Watch Alicization its so much better is probably a weak statement when you say this in front of SAO haters. Its time to talk about Sword Art Online: Alicization. Its a full 2cour season of 24 episodes still not enough with the cliffhanger ending. It started with a 40 minutes episode like TV series in general. There is nothing wrong if this show will go where else it brought. But what we have here is that Alicization manages to bring its core into a fantasy anime in general. Just dont think anything about SAO. Besides our savior Kirito a new character introduction named Eugeo. In this series Kirito and Eugeo were childhood friends in a fantasy world whether real or simulated. Unlike Kirito Eugeo wasnt a strong character at the beginning of the episode. He is a coward and feel guilty after his childhood friend Alice made a mistake. After a few years Kirito and Eugou met again but they didnt know each other. From this adventure Kirito tried to escape from this blackmirror simulation. He tried to be strong along with Eugou as his student. The show makes strong ties and good character recognition. In fact I prefer this anime as a normal fantasy anime. Having to put the SAO name in the title was just a mistake. This show focuses mostly on the relationship between Eugeo and Kirito. Kirito also has no motives except to find a way out of the simulation world. This time their relationship was memorable like the teacher and student. Kirito tried to train Eugeo to develop practice and finally become strong even on par with Kirito. Kirito and Eugeo are like bromance who put great respect into each other. In the real world Asuna tried to work and explore how the latest fulldive technology works because of Kiritos accident. The only way is to do a treatment in the simulation world. Initially I thought that this would be something like Black Mirror or something. This technology is almost similar in one episode of the TV series. The user can copy human consciousness into a cookie and stored in a simulated world. Just like the series the cookie has selfawareness so they often consider themselves as real human when it isnt. The unique thing is that you can modify them at will by manipulating their memory and creating a fantasy world. In addition I kind of like that Alicization almost made me forget the majority of the main characters of this series. Another unique part there is no harem or ecchi at all. What a match made in heaven. SAO isnt a harem anymore. Although the scene between Alice and Kirito in several episodes seems through like an awkward romance at first glance. In this fantasy world Administrator controlled this world by assembles a Taboo Index or something like that. When one cookie is against the rule they will be removed from such a world which is they arent aware of something like a glitch RPG or VR term. Its more philosophical when it comes to it. A world created by God and the world has full control of God as well. Not really that bad I guess. Alicization is also not a family friendly anime in some episodes. In fact one episode tells the audience that this episode contains a lot of disturbing scene and gore. This is the first time if not mistaken Sword Art Online selfaware with its own series. Kind of like the first episode of Goblin Slayer. But whats up with the antagonist? Quinella and the Integrity Knights were the main enemies and also became important characters especially Quinella. From each episode Quinella doesnt appear too much but becomes the only key to everything. Its Quinella who acts as a Godlike complex in her only cruel motive. Manipulate people manipulate someones memory use rules and many other conspiracies. Regardless of which she is one of the likable and memorable characters just because she is so freaking scumbag. Even though A1 Pictures is still in control in the animation it seems like they made a lot of changes. This series stuck with the Ordinal Scale effect. Not only trying to improve but it can manage such a broad virtual world. There is so much scenery on its looks especially in its characters such as the look and golden armor of Alice and the design in the Integrity Knights. Actually I think Eugeo is the main character in this Alicization instead of Kirito who acts as a supporting character. But indeed this is what I even almost all fans want even though there arent many. Yeah there is like a certain plot armor for Kirito. Sword Art Online becomes the greatest I bet and one of the popular franchise thats still alive and will even continue in the future. It builds an expensive world on its own universe especially in this series too. Alicization turns SAOs trademark into the most anticipated story with things new to talk about. Definitely one of the best of its own franchise when compared to the previous series except for its spinoff.
77 /100
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