HUNTER X HUNTER My personal opinion does not contain spoilers 400 And here I start with the review of what has become one of my favorite animes. I emphasize from the first moment that anyone can read it regardless of whether the series has been seen or not. Hunter x Hunter has a huge amount of characters. A large part of them are quite original characters of which we will remember easily. But as is evident some stand out more than others. And I want to start this section talking a little about our protagonist Gon fulfills the requirements to be a good protagonist of an anime shonen. He is a happy boy humble naive strong and with a goal in mind that will make him move constantly. 400 I still have Killua one of my favorite characters in the series. Killua attracted me after several episodes at first I did not like it but even I did not imagine the potential that he as a character kept inside. Undoubtedly Killua is to put it in some way the most evolutionary character of the entire series. Its amazing from start to finish. At the beginning he teaches us good characteristics to be a great hero but also to be a villain which means that we can worry about his decisions and future actions keeping us attentive to his movements constantly. 400 It is the turn of Kurapika who offers us incredible moments and a past history full of sadness and anger. I can not help but think a bit about Ciel Phantomhive from Kutoshitsuji Black Butler when I think or speak to me about Kurapika. He is a character with a big heart but sunk in a huge and unstoppable desire for revenge. Still revenge is what makes him move chips in the series and thats what interests us. No doubt a very good character but I think we lose enough of view in important situations. 400 We give the turn to Hisoka a character to whom it is impossible not to dedicate any other word. Its another of my favorite characters and it saddens me to tell you that I can not show you which is the other as it appears in the penultimate series saga Meruem and I do not want to spoilers. But hey lets continue with Hisoka. He is a surprising character from beginning to end. It makes you doubt his role in the whole series due to its eccentric way of behaving and its calculated and strange decisions. When you think you know more or less how he will act boom he surprises you with a new idea. We enjoy his comical and somewhat strange moments but we also worry in those moments when he is capable of becoming a bomb about to explode and that is really Hisoka is exactly that: a bomb ready to be detonated. 400 To what extent should I mention other characters? There is a great variety. There are great ones and there are those to whom you would give a few applauses in the face. I suppose that for those of you who have seen the series perhaps you will miss some mention of Leorio the boy with glasses for those who still do not know him and well here I do it. Leorio is a kind of loser and boss at the same time. Everything goes according to the moment and the truth is that he is not the only character like that. Its one of these characters that are but are not and of those that usually do not forget even if you get a good couple of blows to the head. 400 With the course of the whole story you go through different stages. During some episodes you may be quite happy and relaxed and with others you are nervous and with some tears running through your eyes. But although I love almost everything there are things that I know that in a certain way they have made the potential of the series go down in certain episodes despite the fact that it finally recovered. So that you do not worry if you have not yet seen the series but you are going to do it I inform you. You see there are certain events like this but where I have been able to read more complaints a lot of them is at the beginning of the penultimate saga of the anime the saga of the Chimera Ants. I dropped the anime here and then I went back to it I would have regretted not finishing this Do not lose your calm. Yes the saga begins very slowly and taking into account that the previous sagas were carried out in practically the blink of an eye because this new slowness is very present in an anime of a quick nature. During several episodes we will have to see a few episodes in a certain way in slow motion with the narrator explaining x events. This point some have liked a lot and others have greatly deranged. But believe me the wait is really worth it. The penultimate saga is the best of the whole series. It is an explosion for many characters and really I fell in love in many ways although I do not even know if that phrase makes sense. And although everything is very beautiful we came to one of the bad points of Hunter x Hunter. It is not finished. The ending is completely open and to me at least it left me a bit silly. I do not mean its bad but youre left wanting more. It is clear that history still has much ahead but it is possible that this still have enough to move forward. Recover you soon Yoshihiro Togashi 400
100 /100
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